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How to look good on a budget?

// or how to make affordable clothes look more expensive //

"Clothes are expensive", especially if you are a student living on a budget like I am. And if you get a chance to swap all that for more affordable and comfortable clothing option, you will definitely take that one, right? That's why I decided to show you three different outfits all created on a limited budget for three different occasions: back to college, on-the-go and a night out look.
Keeping it simple is always on trend, because you can always experiment with your makeup and hair. I chose my signature winged-eyeliner makeup look and three different hairstyles according to each occasion: a sleeked back ponytail for university environment, when you don't want to get fussy with hair and it is also great option for rainy days (knock, knock autumn is here); messy waves for on-the-go because you can easily take it from day to night and sleeked back hair for a night out - my go-to option for special occasions and events.

Let's start with a back to college outfit - my current uniform. 
We all love to wear a good biker jacket, which makes any outfit look much more expensive than it actually is. I paired it with a simple pair of light-wash mom jeans from Topshop, white tee from Asos and a pair of Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. 
Tip #1: To make this outfit a bit more elevated from the basic jeans and a t-shirt combo, choose an embellished belt. Here is another tip: I chose is simple white&red striped ribbon, to add another fall trend to the outfit - the colour red, which is transitioning from the warmer months directly into the fall and winter time. 
Tip #2: Use headphones. Most practical accessory you could have and you will never see me without them, especially when I'm going to uni, while working on my assignments, etc. 

Second outfit was created with busy women in mind, who live their lives constantly on-the-go. Not just for businesswomen but also for us students, who simply don't have a lot of time to get ready in the morning. Who wants to get out of bed in the morning, when you can get a bit more sleep? Am I right? That's why I prepared a simple, minimalistic outfit that will always make you look put together in just a few short minutes.
I chose a pair of Zara striped black pants, which I paired with my most worn and versatile piece - black tank top from Pimkie and sock boots also from Zara. When you wear monochromatic items, you get more easy options to put together different outfits + when you wear black, you always look good.
Tip #3: Use the most versatile pieces you have in your wardrobe when you are on-the-go. This Hofer bracelet turned into a choker is the perfect example - you get two items in one. Another one is a transparent makeup bag from Interio, which I turned into a simple clutch. 
When you add different textures to the outfit, you make any simple outfit look more interesting.

Living the perfect night life is a habit of most of the students. And the perfect outfit must go with that lifestyle. I love to wear something simple, usually a little black dress and heels. While transitioning into the autumn season, we must not forget to update our closets and style as well. For this outfit I chose a black knitted dress from Music Loves Fashion collection to keep me nice and cozy, heeled boots from Zara, a nice pair of Janja Videc earrings and a Zara raincoat.
Tip #4: Yes, I have chosen a raincoat because you never know, when you will be caught in rain. Especially in autumn.
Tip #5: It's also very practical because you can fold it to any size you prefer (very easy to carry around with you). It also puts an edge to any basic black outfit (aka. channeling my inner Rihanna) + athleisure is so on trend atm!

These are a few of my favourite tips to update your autumn style. What are your suggestions for the upcoming season? If you have any ideas just leave them below in comments or simply contact me. I'll be very happy to hear what you have to say! x 

photos: Klemen 

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5 easy tricks to style a plain white tee

A white t-shirt or more commonly known as a plain white tee is that basic yet staple wardrobe piece every woman / man owns in their closet. But could you wear one every single working day of the week? No problem. With a little help of the following five tricks I promise you that you will fall again in love with your LWT // little white tee. 

Elevate it // Use slogan t-shirts and high waist it 


This is without a doubt my favourite trick of the summer. Of course slogan t-shirts were seen over every social media site out there and admittedly I was rather late to join this trend bandwagon. All you have to do with this look is to simply tuck you favourite slogan white t-shirt in a high-waisted pair of mom jeans or anything high-waist in general. It will look effortless but still fresh, because of the slogan you chose for that particular outfit. Currently, I'm in love with this Nasa slogan tee I purchased a few weeks ago. I love to pair it with my Topshop mom jeans, a pair of suede burgundy mules from Zara and a vintage straw bag.

Edge it up // Put over a leather jacket 


Another simple way to style you basic white tee is with a leather jacket. Every edgy street-style lover knows that if you want to edge up any outfit is with a good leather jacket - put it over your shoulders for a more effortless look, pair it with a pair of black jeans + ankle boots and you are good to go. 

Dress it up // Pair it with high heels


Wearing a plain white t-shirt to a party or a dressier event? You may think that's crazy, but I believe it's the way to go. Pair it with a pair of smart trousers or a sophisticated skirt, put on a blazer and a favourite pair of heels and you are good to go. They will have no idea you're wearing just a plain white t-shirt you got on sale that time for $5. 

Layer it // Wear it under a dress


One of my favourite styling rules (all will be revealed very soon so stay tuned!) is the rule of two: whenever you are wearing a one-piece outfit, meaning a jumpsuit or a dress, elevate that look with another piece aka. the rule of two items. Basic white tees are great to wear under sleeveless dresses (this trick goes especially well with floral or silk dresses) or jumpsuits - this is a timeless styling trick, which will make your outfit look appear much more interesting. Finish the look with a pair of your favourite statement sunglasses or an eccentric handbag + a pair of sneakers/sandals/heels. Whatever you prefer!

Accessorise it // Pair it with a neck scarf 


Oh how much I love neck scarfs, you have no idea, and I'm so glad they're finally back. When you pair a silk patterned neck scarf with a plain white tee, it allows the scarf to have the spotlight and be the central item of your outfit. You will, again, look chic and effortless - just the thing we all desire to be, am I right.

photos : Epopteia Photography 


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(UN)REAL is a journey.
It is also a story.
An on-going process and a vision.
It is a problem and a dream.
It could be a manifestation. Better, it should be.
It demands patience and practice.
It shows social rituals and monotonous routines.
Why are we like this?
What is our purpose in this time, place and culture?

You should start worrying about yourself, your life and missions.
Become something else.
Become better.
Every day. Every time.


Project: (UN)REAL
Collaboration: Blush Blog x Po dežju
Date: august 2017
Video production: Ana Žnidaršič, Marko Klemen
Graphic design: Marko Klemen

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1 / Cute and sick have been my most used words of 2017. 

2 / And red has (surprisingly) been the colour of 2017. But black&white is still my thing, no worries.  

3 / Curiosity and ambition is the key to success. Oh and hard work of course. 

4 / I hate when people invade my personal space. 

5 / I am obsessed with British Game Shows. You name it, I probably watched it. 

6 / Walking barefoot at home is my thing. Investing in a pair of slippers sounds ridiculous to me. 

7 / My most watched (and probably my favourite) movie of all time is Pride and Prejudice. 

8 / I still hate tomatoes. Despite putting a LOT of effort into liking them, I still can't stand the taste of it. 

9 / I could eat chestnuts anytime, anywhere.

10 / I hate when people push me into relationships. I am more than happy with my single life atm. 
(being a leo definitely has something to do with it, because I like to be quite independent and alone at times) 

11 / I am still very careful about sharing my personal stuff, but I definitely loosened up in the past year. 

12 / I don't do anything to my brows/try to keep them as natural as possible. Because there was a time, when there weren't any at all. 

13 / Even though I love my two nieces and a nephew I am now more than sure I do not want to have children in the future. 

14 / I love the sound and smell of rain. However, I hate thunderstorms. 

15 / If I feel uninspired or feel like I won't fully dedicate myself to a project I would rather leave it as it is than present something half done and average. 

16 / My signature makeup look is an eyeliner. 

17 / I hate unambitious people. 

18 / When I was younger I was the kid that always played by the rules and completely obeyed everyone. But lately my more rebellious side has been popping out and I'm now not afraid to stand up for myself and my work. 

19 / Don't try to talk to me first thing in the morning. I will most likely ruin the rest of your day. 

20 / This year I finally discovered the feeling of actually enjoying your (student's) job, which was sadly quite foreign to me up until now. 

21 / I hate arrogant people, who constantly criticise but don't have anything better to offer themselves. 

22 / I am 22 years old today, even though people say I look much older (ups)


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Welcome back!

Že nekaj časa je minilo od zadnje objave in med mojo krajšo pavzo je blog Blush praznoval tudi svoj 6. rojstni dan. Da, že dolgih šest let je minilo od mojega prvega blogerskega zapisa. Letos sem se odločila, da bom namesto vsakoletne special rojstnodnevne objave predstavila nov dobrodelen projekt, ki nekako začrta pot, kateri bi rada sledila tudi v prihodnosti.

Hitra moda preplavlja naš vsakdan. Tudi sama sem ena izmed teh, ki se pogosto poslužuje trgovin kot so Mango, Zara, H&M, Pimkie, Forever 21, itd. za nakup novih trendovskih oblačil. Oblačila so postala razširjena potrošna roba; tega se zavedajo tudi podjetja, ki nas stalno prepričujejo, da je naša sreča pogojena z nenehnim kupovanjem novih izdelkov. Vsi se veseli vračamo domov s polnimi vrečkami nakupov, nihče izmed nas pa se zares ne vpraša, kdo je tista žrtev, ki omogoča prodajo oblačil po tako nizkih cenah. Proizvodnja hitre mode (fast fashion) negativno vpliva na okolje, zdravje in kulturo.

krilo iz Centra ponovne uporabe

Vplivi hitre mode na okolje, zdravje in kulturo 

Tekstilna industrija je zaradi uporabe škodljivih kemikalij takoj za naftno industrijo največja svetovna onesnaževalka. Za izdelavo oblačil, ki jih po zelo kratkem času zavržemo, se porabi velike količine vode, energije in nevarnih kemikalij. Povprečni Slovenec na leto zavrže približno 15 kg tekstila, v Evropski uniji pa ga zavržemo 12 miljonov ton na leto. Posledično so tekstilni izdelki takoj za plastiko najhitreje rastoči odpadek v EU.

Za proizvodnjo oblačil se skriva tudi suženjsko in otroško delo, od pridelave bombaža do dela v šivalnicah in tovarnah. Prava cena poceni oblačil, ki jih zaradi stalno spreminjajočih se modnih trendov nenehno nakupujemo, je visoka - te pa ne plačaš ti, ampak izkoriščeni ljudje in otroci iz revnih držav, ki delajo v nečloveških razmerah. Mi kot neozaveščeni potrošniki s stalnim kupovanjem in oglaševanjem v modni industriji še dodatno spodbujamo in podpiramo omenjeni začarani krog revščine.

krilo in torba iz Centra ponovne uporabe

O projektu Kabiné Šerinjon

Kabiné Šerinjon je brezplačna aplikacija, ki v izposojo ponuja 57 kakovostnih etičnih modnih kosov slovenskih modnih oblikovalcev in vintage oblačil iz Centra ponovne uporabe. Tudi sama sem jih imela priložnost izbrati ter za kratek čas vključiti v svojo garderobo in tako so nastale fotografije, ki sem jih vključila v celoten post. Projekt je nastal z željo po spreminjanju nekritičnega odnosa do hitre mode in ponuja bolj trajnostno ter odgovorno izbiro, boljšo za posameznike, družbo in okolje.

Visokokakovostni kosi krožijo med različnimi uporabniki, ki jih nosijo in zanje skrbijo, ne morejo pa si jih lastiti. Imeti tako nima več prednosti pred uporabljati, saj trajnostne in oblikovalske kose iz zbirke Kabiné Šerinjon dva tedna nosi kdor želi, potem pa jih preda naprej. Uporaba oblikovalskih, pravičnotrgovinskih in vintidž kosov je brezplačna. Ko pa si naložiš aplikacijo (za zdaj za Android naprave), si želen modni kos za dva tedna lahko tudi izposodiš.

Več o pravilih igre in pravilni uporabi aplikacije si lahko prebereš tukaj. 

torba oblikovalke Laure Fajfar

Kaj lahko storiš?

Priznam, da tudi sama večkrat kupujem v trgovinah s hitro modo, a se vedno bolj trudim, da se le-tem trgovinam čim bolj izogibam. Bolj sem previdna, ko nakupujem oblačila in vedno preverim njihovo kakovost in material, recikliram oblačila svojih prijateljev in sorodnikov, sama izdelujem dodatke, oblačila se trudim kombinirati v različne outfite, itd. Možnosti je neskončno in vsekakor imamo prav vsi moč, da s tem, da izdelkov hitre mode ne kupujemo več, jasno izrazimo svoje nestrinjanje s hitro modo. 
Poleg uporabe aplikacije Kabiné Šerinjon je spodaj navedenih še nekaj idej, kako si lahko izberemo modne kose oblačil pravično in z malo denarja.

usnjena jakna oblikovalke Mateje Zajc

a / 2nd hand trgovine

V teh trgovinah najdeš veliko lepo ohranjenih kosov oblačil, čevljev in modnih dodatkov po zelo ugodnih cenah. Super izbiro imajo v Galeriji Vintage, trgovini Moje TVOJEGarderobiGvantu2nd Chance in v Centru ponovne uporabe.

b / Slovenski oblikovalci in ustvarjalci 

V Sloveniji je veliko nadarjenih in uspešnih oblikovalcev, ki ustvarjajo kakovostna, unikatna in po meri izdelana oblačila. Ker gre za majhno število izdelkov, narejenih v Sloveniji, so stroški njihovih oblačil definitivno večji, vendar pa so po mojem mnenju neprecenljivi v primerjavi z masovno proizvodnjo velikih znamk. 
Na enem mestu nekatere oblikovalce povezujeta trgovina s konceptom Pentlja in Zoofa - Zadruga oblikovalcev in ustvarjalcev.

c / Odgovorna oblačila

Vedno več je blagovnih znamk in proizvajalcev oblačil, ki ustvarjajo iz certificiranih tkanin. Gre za certifikat svetovnih meril za ekološke tkanine (GOTS – Global organic textile standard). To pomeni, da se tkanine po celotni preskrbovalni verigi izdelujejo okoljsko in družbeno odgovorno. Vsak izmed členov v verigi mora dosegati visoka merila glede varovanja okolja in skrbi za ljudi. V aplikaciji imaš na voljo tudi izposojo takšnih oblačil, ki jih izdelujejo Movinun, Mila.Vert in Lanabe.

č / Oblačila iz pravične trgovine

Z nakupom takšnega oblačila dobiš zagotovilo, da so delavci za svoje delo dobili pravično plačilo, da izdelek ni rezultat prisilnega in otroškega dela ter da so ženske enako plačane kot moški. Naprodaj so v pravični trgovini 3 MUHE ali pa prek spleta.

d / Ustvarjalna predelava (upcikliranje) 

Iz oblačil, ki jih ne nosimo več, lahko nastanejo novi izdelki. Tako oblačil ne zavržemo, ampak jim damo drugo priložnost. Oblačila lahko predelamo (iz hlač in rute naredimo krilo ali majico, luknje na majicah prekrijemo z gumbi, madeže prekrijemo z zanimivimi detajli, potiski itd.) ali pa iz njih naredimo nove izdelke, kot so vrečke, copati, blazine, peresnice.

obleka Mile Vert in MKS verižica

Besedilo je povzeto po uradni spletni strani projekta Kabiné Šerinjon.

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Interview with Andrea Wetzels

Andrea Wetzels is a young Dutch artist, who I've known for a very long time, ever since that lucky high school student's exchange in 2011, and I'm so excited to finally introduce her and her creativity to you. Andrea is the fourth in line of interviews with people I admire, the so-called #goalspeople: people who inspire me with their work and lifestyle. Andrea's Instagram account inspires me with every single post. It's been quite a while, since we last saw each other, but because of social media, we still kinda feel connected, following each others projects and how much we have evolved in the last few years. 
So without further ado, this is Andrea. 

Hi Andrea! Can you first of all quickly introduce yourself to my readers?
Hey there! My name is Andrea Wetzels, I’m 21 years old and grew up in The Netherlands. Currently I’m living and studying in Seoul, South Korea. I am passionate about a lot of different things, including art, music, fashion, photography and film.

What do you study in the Netherlands? What contributed to your move to Barcelona and now Seoul? 
In the Netherlands I’m studying International Event, Music and Entertainment studies, here in South Korea I’m studying film, art and current issues as a part of my studies back home. Ever since I was young, I had some kind of urge to live abroad, but I didn’t have a particular country or city in mind. When I chose my study, I found out I could do my internship abroad and study abroad for a semester in the 3rd year. 
At first my plan was to just study abroad, outside of Europe, in a country that would be totally different from The Netherlands. Eventually I thought to myself: “I have the opportunity right now, why wouldn’t I take it and also do my 5-months internship abroad?”. I’ve always said that I wanted to live in a city that has good weather, a beach, the busy city life, but also the authenticity of their culture. Eventually I came to Barcelona, a creative, vibrant and beautiful city with lots of interesting people, sights and things to do. I worked in a start-up company, where I made the designs, photos and videos. Next to that I also managed the social media marketing and public relations. It has been an incredible experience and I have fallen in love with Barcelona with all my heart.
After my time in Barcelona, I visited a friend in Sheffield, spent about a month in The Netherlands and continued my adventure in Seoul, South Korea. Luckily, I can say that Seoul has exceeded my expectations and hasn’t been a bit disappointing! Of course, I experienced some cultural differences; I had to find a way to adjust to this new way of living, but this also gave me a new perspective on life. The streets of Seoul are amazing, filled with cool, exciting street fashion, inspiring art and cool places around every corner. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to see everything before I go on my flight home. On the other hand, I have already seen and done so many amazing things and I am very grateful for that!
You can check out Andrea's projects on her website (click here)

How would you compare your lifestyle at home to your life in Barcelona and now Seoul?
When I went to live abroad for the first time, in Barcelona, I started discovering and exploring the city in a way I had never done before. I wanted to make the most of my time and see every cool spot in the city, try every food I could find and take photos of every place that inspired me. The same thing is happening in Seoul right now, both of the cities are great inspirations for me in their own ways. Barcelona is very colourful, vibrant and authentic, Seoul on the other hand, is very modern, but also traditional and innovative. When I go back home, I’m definitely going to explore The Netherlands more than I have before. There are still so many places I haven’t seen, I am sure there are cool places everywhere, you just need to find them.

I've already briefly mentioned how we first met, but I'll let you describe your, a more in-depth connection to Slovenia. 
Back in the autumn of 2011, I went on an exchange with students from a secondary school in Ljubljana, Slovenia. About 20 other students from my school and I all got assigned to our Slovenian ‘buddies’. This is where I was lucky enough to meet Ana and make a lot of beautiful memories! I got showed around their city, their wonderful country and I got the opportunity to feel what it’s like to live in Slovenia. In spring, our new Slovenian friends came to The Netherlands, so we got the chance to show them around our home country. I think this was a unique experience that I will never forget and I am very happy I could be a part of it!

How would you describe your style?  
I really let my feelings decide what I want to wear, what music I listen to, what I want to design and what I’m eating that day. I think the most important thing about living a happy life is listening to your heart and your body, give yourself what you need and you’ll be happy when you look in the mirror. Fashion wise, other people describe it as ‘cool, edgy and stylish’, I don’t think I can put a particular name on it. I love how clothing is a way to represent yourself as an individual and that’s very important to me. Outfits that make me feel confident, show my personality and make me ‘stand out’ are my favourite. Next to that, I also feel like it doesn’t have to ‘look’ or ‘be’ perfect. Life isn’t always perfect either, instead we should make the most of what we have.
You can find many inspirations on her Pinterest page.

Social media is "the thing", as I've mentioned before, that still connects us on a daily basis. What are your thoughts on social media and the so-called Millennials phenomenon? 
The world around me is what inspires me most, I love to go outside in the city where I am and explore new parts, see new things and do whatever comes on my path. I soak everything up in my head and let everything out when I’m making art, music, films, creating outfits, etc. I also think that the internet is a great way to discover new things and get inspired by them. Tumblr, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest are my favourite sources for inspiration. I love how millennials have turned these social media websites into platforms where they can share other things than ‘just pretty photos’. There are other people out there who share the same thoughts and I think that social media is an amazing way to connect for us individuals. It’s also incredibly important to talk about current social issues, so more people are aware of them and can undertake some kind of actions. A lot of things in our world have changed over the past years, but there is still enough room for improvement.
Check out Andrea's Instagram page. 

You are obviously an avid traveler. What are some of the places, which you plan to visit next?
When I fly home from Seoul, I will be in The Netherlands for three days because after I’ll go visit my friend who is currently living in Iceland. This is has always been an interesting country to me and now that my friend lives there, I found the perfect reason to finally go there! After this, the place I really want to visit is Japan, even though it’s quite near Seoul, I just can’t find the time to go there. Visiting Japan is so important to me, that I want to take enough time to explore it all and visit multiple cities. That’s why I’d rather wait, save up some more money and make an unforgettable experience out of it. 
You can check out Andrea's adventures on her YouTube channel. 

To end this interview, what are some of your plans for the future? 
My short term plans are to keep exploring, discovering, trying new things and keep falling in love with life (and hopefully never fall out of love). My plan is to graduate next year, but I’m not sure where life will take me next. Perhaps I will find my dream job after graduating, but maybe I’ll go and get a masters degree. I don’t want to predict the future, instead I want to be in the moment and think about the ‘now’.

Andrea, thank you very much for your answers! 

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Giving Yourself a Break / SPA at Home

In recent months I've become aware of the fact that in today's society taking a break from your everyday routine is really looked down upon. Being constantly on-the-go, working early mornings/late nights, spending your free time doing something "useful" is what it is celebrated in the Western Society nowadays. But let's face it. Everyone needs to take a break from time to time: from their school, job, family, problematic situations, or their lifestyle in general. Occasionally switching off from everything is exactly what keeps us on "our A-game" 24/7, so taking a break for yourself, your mind and body, should be our priority.
Because I feel really passionate about taking care and treating yourself on a weekly basis, I came up with a few tips, which will help you achieve, what I like to call it, "the perfect Spa at Home."

Airplane mode 

I know I've been an avid advocate of this in my recent posts, but let me bring it up once more for you. The first thing you need to do is to switch everything off. In this case, airplane mode is my saviour. No buzzing, no light, no notifications. Completely switch it off and put it away. Just for this one short hour. You can do that, I believe in you!

Creating the perfect environment 

Moving onto creating the perfect environment, which will surround you during your one relaxing hour. Put on a relaxing YouTube playlist, light up candles, prepare your favourite food and drinks, put on a movie - whatever works for you.

Change into comfy clothes

This is kinda an obvious one, but you know you gotta do it. Changing into comfy clothes, taking off makeup and putting your hair up in a bun or messy ponytail is what every girl dreams about. 

Choose your HG products / Pamper routine 

Once everything is set perfectly the way you want it, then it's time for the main event of your hour-off. Choose your favourite skincare, haircare and bodycare products for a little pamper routine. I always like to create my own little Spa at Home, with my favourite Afrodita products from their spa range. If you're not a pamper routine kinda gal, then miss this step and maybe watch a movie or do some exercise at home (like yoga for example), which will help you clear up your mind, strengthen your body and instantly set you in a better mood.
As I've mentioned above, when it comes to creating the perfect spa at home, I fully trust the spa range of products from Afrodita Cosmetics - especially their strawberry and argan range.

100% Spa Body Scrub

I start my body care pamper routine with a scrub, which gently but very effectively removes the dead skin cells. It regenerates and nourishes the skin and leaves it soft and smooth to the touch. Another added bonus to this scrub (or the entire range of products to be exact) is the delicious sweet fragrance of strawberries.

100% Spa Body Mousse 

I continue the routine with two more nourishing products. First up being a body mousse, which deeply moisturises the skin and prevents it from drying out. The skin feels extremely nourished and soft to the touch + it contains a non-greasy formula, which quickly and easily absorbs into the skin and consequently protects it form premature ageing. 

100% Spa Massage Oil Strawberry Kiss

The last step in my spa at home routine is to apply a massage oil - to relax and pamper with this gorgeous strawberry fragrance. It is suitable for all skin types - it's enriched with a macadamia oil, which provides intensive body care. In the end you are left with a silky soft skin.

And if I'm not in the mood for a sweet sensation provided by the strawberry range of products, then I opt for a similar pamper routine, but this time with the argan and vanilla-scented range.

100% Spa Sugar Scrub 

As before, I start off the pamper routine with a body scrub - this time with a sugar (vanilla-scented) one, which again effectively peels off the layer of dead skin cells and provides smooth and soft skin to the touch. 

100% Spa Body Butter 

Continuing with the nourishing products: body butter provides relaxing care for a moisturised and nourished skin. It is suitable for all skin types, especially very dry skin, and again results in smooth and soft skin.

100% Spa Massage Oil Organic Argan 

Of course the last one, but certainly not the least important, is the Organic Argan Spa Massage oil. It deeply moisturises and renews skin. Just like the strawberry option, it's undoubtedly an important step in a pamper, Spa at Home, routine. 

Continue with it 

And now for the last part of this Spa at Home pamper routine: if you don't have anything particular planned for that day/evening then continue with your pamper routine. Try to do it at least once every week/two weeks to recharge and take your mind off things. And it's even better if you share this experience with your friend/partner and enjoy their company. 

Hopefully you enjoyed my little tips, which will relax you for a bit and make you devote your fullest attention to your body and mind for at least once a week. Take an hour off and just enjoy!


photos: Epopteia Photography 

This was shot in a beautiful hotel in the centre of Ljubljana, Antiq Palace Hotel, so thank you for letting us carry out this amazing project! 

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