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New York Fashion Week / Day 3

It's raining here in New York, but certainly this didn't stop us. Day 3 was the busiest of them all. We kicked the day off with Dan Liu runway show.

Dan Liu is a Chinese-Japanese fashion designer, creative director of TATSUAKI fashion house, founded by Liu in 2002 and it7s named after his Japanese name, as well as DAN LIU label, first noticed in February 2016 at New York Fashion Week.

His F/W 2018/2019 collection was titled The Spy Who Loved Me, which consisted of 36 look, featuring perfectly tailored dresses in knit, crochet, lace and with embroidery details. All the looks were stylised with oversized glasses, perfectly tied pony-tails, head-scarfs and a glossy red lip 

We unfortunately missed out on Misha Kaura's and Son Jung Wan's collection because our schedule overlapped with other shows. 

Next up was Helen Anthony, who is a new and exciting British designer. Fashion, design and fine tailoring remain his passion and he is renowned for his daring cuts, leading style and intricate patterns. Anthony derives his inspiration from many different cultures, religions and seasons. His collection showed seamless interconnection between his cultural inspiration and eclectic use of pattern, colour and bold designs.

The last event of the day was CAAFD (the Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers) collective showcase, promoting and empowering aspiring young fashion designers: Port Zienna, Mouton Blanc and Zabetta Couture. 

Port Zienna (Francesca Canepa, from Lima, Peru) combines inspirations from haute couture and various elements from cultures Francesca Canepa has come across during her travels. 
Mouton Blanc (Hakuyo Miya) is also very world traveled. His heritage lies in his Japanese roots, and he has studied in Paris - conglomerating both cultures influences into his designs. Mouton Blanc’s pieces are known for their striking fantasy elements.

Zabetta Couture’s designer, Ruth Zabetta, was born in New York City but raised in both Spain and the Dominican Republic, imparting a very unique set of inspirations for this couture line. Zabetta Couture’snpieces exhibit femininity through asymmetrical cuts, which enhance and bring attention to the natural beauty found in the silhouette of women.


For today's look I sticked with the trusted wide-leg trousers and a pair of sock boots - a combination, which never lets me down. I paired that with a simple white tee from Mango and a fringe Zara top. For accessories I chose Asos tassel earrings and a red ribbon, for a pop of red to the monochromatic look, which I unfortunately lost on my way to the show. It looked so good, trust me. Of course I couldn’t forget about my oversized puffer jacket, because it’s freezing out here in New York. The clear clutch is from Interio, nails are Essie Meet me at the sunset and the scent again Kenzo, World. 

Two more days left in New York, but I'm already planning when I'll be back here! Stay tuned for more looks. 

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photos: Epopteia Photography


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New York Fashion Week / Day 2

I’m back. It’s day two. So let’s go. 

A freezing cold Friday morning was starting in a rush. I was to late to my 9am show because of this unpredictable, crazy New York traffic, so I barely made it. A bit hungry, but I did it. I arrived exactly at 9am, but if you know how the fashion industry work, you know that everything starts off a bit late. JUST IN XX opened day two of New York Fashion Week show.

Justin Yu-Ying Chou is a Taiwanese designer showcasing his vision of unique street fashion. Because of Yu-Ying Chous growing background in Taiwan and professional training in Italy and the UK, he incorporates both traditional Oriental as well as Western elements into his designs. He identifies with a high street concept and classic crafting skills, which was clearly seen in his new F/W 2018 collection - under his new label JUST IN XX.  More about the designer here. 

Collection was inspired by a collaboration with Taiwan's National Palace Museum in order to reinterpret Chinese imperial art as modern street style. "SuperlinXX" (meaning "super links") combines time, space, culture and age, escaping daily routines and rules, as well as merges his vision of street fashion with his philosophy of cultural diversity. Guided by the vision that "old is new" and "local is global", Chou uses traditional Taiwanese craft skills to remix vintage fabrics with modern textiles. JUST IN XX F/W2018 collection was the perfect combination of unique streetwear and traditional prints.


And now for the outfit. I opted for wide-leg trousers and a simple white turtle neck top from Zara. I finished the look of with a Zara Men green anorak, which I belted with a DRYKORN white belt, paired with sock boots also from Zara, silver earrings from Cos and clear clutch from Ineterio. Scent of the day was Kenzo World and nail polish from Essie - meet me at sunset. This is the outfit that is suitable for all the athleisure lovers who want to look stylish and modern.

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New York Fashion Week / DAY 1

That’s it. I achieved everything I set for 2018 and it’s only February. How crazy is that? This was my biggest dream since 3rd of July 2011, the day I started with Blush. New York Fashion Week was something that I could only dream of, watching it season by season of Project Runway, the show I am absolutely obsessed with. I honestly would never dare to think that I could achieve something so big, but hey, look at where I am today. Standing in front of the entrance of my first NYFW runway show. Dreams really do come true and this is a living proof of that.

So let me take you on my journey and describe how everything began.

I got the tickets 10 days before the beginning which meant that everything had to be planned last minute. But we did it, in less than a week. The long-awaited Wednesday the 8th of Februar finally came. We started at 5:00 am, on a snowy cold morning in Ljubljana. We were so scared that our flight would be canceled, but after we arrived at the Marco Polo Airport in Venice, Italy, everything was going according to plan - we boarded the airplane for transfer flight to Moscow. Yes, Moscow, in the beginning of February. It was -12 degrees Celsius so it wasn’t the most pleasant travelling experience, I’m not gonna lie. After arriving to JFK in the evening, we travelled to our hotel near Times Square. 

Am I dreaming? Is this really happening.

Yes, this is really happening. We woke up exhausted after 24-hour long journey, but we had to move quickly, because our first show started at 10:00 am. I was jet-legged, nervous, excited and happy all at the same time. Colovos was my first ever New York Fashion Week runway show - authentic collective vision of longtime husband and wife collaborator Michael and Nicole Colovos. Their minimalist design was the perfect way of kicking off these crazy experience.

Colovos exquisitely constructed clothing is perfect for a modern woman. Their aesthetic is a blend of clean, architectural lines, beautiful fabrics and thoughtfully considered details. Colovos blend traditional tailoring with modern minimal shapes to create a new take on an everyday clothing. The F/W 2018 collection was inspired by the idea of the matriarch - how woman finds strength in vulnerability over might. Protected by the shelter of soundness and security, the soft overcomes the hard in both expression and fabrications.

my favourite outfits from the show (minimalist, sleek, with a pop of colour)

This season Colovos has eliminated traditional animal skins, furs and leathers replacing each with faux variations. An orange check fabric is made of recycled bottles extracted from the ocean, and draped in variations of a twisted form fitting dress to relaxed trench. The process of making this fabric reduces the traditional footprint by 95 percent.

All black everything. 

So now for my outfit. I really wanted to include/represent Slovenian designers at NYFW (the rest you will see in later posts, I can’t expose all my outfits just yet, so you’ll have to wait and see). Because of Colovos’ minimalist approach to design I decided to wear Janja Videc black cotton dress from her Basics collection. I paired it with black wide-leg trousers from Zara, an oversized black puffer jacket also from Zara and accessorised everything with a pair of Adidas Stan Smith trainers, a grey H&M beanie, Alexander McQueen handbag and another Janja Videc piece, black earrings from her F/W 2017 collection. Last but not least - because of my extreme jet-leg I decided to put on black Le Specs sunglasses, just to fix the situation a bit.

Stay tuned!

This sums up my first day in New York. My dreams came true. I was cheesy today I know, but I really can’t help myself this time. I need to set a few new goals for this year. I’ve never been to New York before, so seeing the Empire State Building, Central Park and that famous Friends building is still so exciting to me. I can’t wait to share more with you really soon.

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This is a story about a strange thing that happened to me the other day.  

It was a cold winter Wednesday. I have just finished with work, when me and my friend decided to go on a spontaneous shopping trip. What could go wrong?
Nothing did. Rather exactly the opposite.

Once we glanced through the usual high-street selection of Ljubljana, we stumbled upon a pop-up second-hand shop. The selection was mainly vintage designer pieces so we could not resist and walked into the store. After a warm greeting from the owner of the shop, we put our bags aside and started to rummage around. Not the nicest thing to do, I know, but we had so much options to go through that we needed ti be as efficient as possible.

And there it was. It felt like fate.

A few seconds into the search, a familiar metallic jacket popped up in the far left corner of the shop. It was an Isabel Marant silver bomber jacket from her collaboration with H&M back in 2013.
And then I remembered.

"This jacket was on top of my wish list I wrote on my blog back in 2013!" I said to my friend. 

I couldn't believe it. It was one of my earliest posts, when I was just getting into fashion and the blogging industry, but there it was, right in front of me. The jacket I wanted so badly, but simply couldn't afford back then. This jacket doesn't represent just the long blogging journey I've been through, the ups and downs of my career, but my personal, financial and aesthetic growth. So I obviously had to buy it. My 17-year-old me would be so proud of me right now.

I don't doubt that one bit!


photo: Epopteia Photography

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Merry Christmas everyone! I wish you all the best, may peace and joy fill your heart this Christmas! I hope you will all have an amazing day with friends and family! 

This is also my last post of 2017. Now I will take some time of to rethink about my blog, come up with new ideas and projects for the new year.

So how has 2017 treated me? 
What a year it has been! I met so many new people, who I instantly clicked with and who completely changed my perspective on life. I am so grateful for that. You should always surround yourself with people who challenge and inspire you to work hard every single day. I also left a few in the past, because I finally embraced the fact that people change. And there's nothing wrong with that, people simply grow apart. I also changed my job, which I absolutely adore and finally realised what's really important to me and for my future.

Now I cannot wait to see what 2018 brings and share my experiences with you. I hope you will all enjoy these holidays and see you in January 2018!

photos: Epopteia Photography 

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It's Black Friday today, which means it's time to get some great discounts on those items you've been lusting over the past few weeks. And because December is literally right around the corner, we'll all need a perfect Christmas party outfit. Because I'm not much of a sequins-kinda gal, I decided to choose a little lace and velvet black dress from Just Cavalli. It's the perfect mix of tight-fitting, feminine and classy (aka me in a dress).
This is my choice for the festive season this year, because I mean, you can never go wrong with a little black dress, am I right!? 

Have a lovely weekend! 

outfit: Just Cavalli F/W 2017 , @galerijaemporium


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(Pre)mladi za prve vrste?

Mladi nismo zgolj kupci, temveč tudi aktivni podporniki in promotorji slovenskega oblikovanja, zato smo upravičeni do svojega mesta na slovenskih tednih mode.

V medijih sem v zadnjem mesecu zasledila več komentarjev, ki zadevajo izvedbo slovenskih »tednov« mode. Kritiki organizatorjem med drugim očitajo, da je občinstvo, ki spremlja modne revije, vidno (pre)mlado in posledično brez ustrezne kupne moči, ki bi oblikovalcem zagotovila dobro prodajo predstavljenih kosov. Poleg tega pa naj bi si mladi določene trendovske kose tako ali tako raje umislili v kateri izmed nizkocenovnih trgovin s hitro modo, zato je naša udeležba na takšnih dogodkih neupravičena.

Jasno je, da gre pri tem za posploševanje o mlajših generacijah, a se vendar sprašujem, ali s(m)o mladi obiskovalci tedna mode (od blogerjev, študentov oblikovalskih smeri, fotografov, pa vse do prijateljev oblikovalcev ali pa na splošno velikih ljubiteljev mode) zares zgolj radovedni gledalci, za katere udeležba na podobnih dogodkih predstavlja predvsem nek statusni simbol, ali pa smo nenazadnje tudi eni najbolj prodornih promotorjev slovenskih oblikovalcev, ki širijo njihove vizije tudi s pomočjo družbenih omrežij.

Trgovine s hitro modo seveda še posebej za mlade predstavljajo hiter in cenovno ugoden dostop do modnih kosov, s katerimi se lahko dokaj enostavno izražamo. Vsak študent pač ne (z)more zapraviti ogromne vsote za en sam dizajnerski kos, zato se na žalost prepogosto zatekamo k takim rešitvam. Kljub vsemu pa je vendarle potrebno izpostaviti tudi dejstvo, da je vedno večji delež teh mladih modnih navdušencev bolj ozaveščenih nad pastmi in posledicami hitre mode, zato tudi samoiniciativno iščejo alternativne možnosti pri slovenskih oblikovalcih, ki ponujajo široko ponudbo kakovostnih izdelkov (več o tem tukaj). Med strankami slovenskih modnih oblikovalcev so zato prav tako mladi navdušenci, ki bi z veseljem porabili svojo štipendijo ali študentsko plačo za enega izmed njihovih modnih kosov - pa naj bodo to slogan majice, nogavice ali torbice.

Menim, da smo mladi torej vse pogostejše stranke slovenskih modnih oblikovalcev in smo zato tudi eni izmed povabljencev na tednih mode. Stališče, da mladi ne sodijo na tedne mode, ker so pač premladi in brez kapitala, se mi zato preprosto zdi zgrešeno. Poleg tega pa se avtorji s podobnimi stališči očitno ne zavedajo dejstva, da vedno več podjetij in oblikovalcev z nekaterimi izmed teh mladih, ki so zanje na tednih mode odveč, sodeluje pri objavah na njihovih spletnih platformah. Mladi vplivneži v svetu mode so ena izmed osrednjih kategorij novodobnega marketinga in zato s svojo prisotnostjo na tednih mode še kako pomembni za prodajni uspeh oblikovalca in njegovo prepoznavnost.

Oči javnosti so uprte v goste iz prvih vrst, večinoma vplivneže in podjetnike, ki pa, ne glede na njihovo starost, večinoma ne nosijo oblačil slovenskih oblikovalcev, s takšno odločitvijo ne pripomorejo k dodatni promociji slovenske mode, kot tudi ne izkazujejo podpore slovenskim oblikovalcem. Sama imam v garderobi kar nekaj kosov slovenskih oblikovalcev, ki jih z veseljem nosim tudi na slovenskih tednih mode, saj se mi zdi primerno, da jih tam še posebej podprem.

Mislim, da sta starost in neposredna kupna moč pri presojanju primernosti udeležbe posameznika na tednu mode irelevantna faktorja. Ne smemo pa tudi mimo dejstva, da je bilo vstopnice za zadnje edicije tednov mode mogoče celo kupiti, kar pomeni, da si je posamezne revije lahko ogledal prav vsak, ki si je to želel in lahko privoščil. Najpomebnejša se mi zdi prav podpora udeleženca kvalitetnim slovenskim oblikovalcem, pa naj si bo z nakupom dizajnerskega kosa ali s promocijo na družbenih omrežjih. Mladim moramo dopustiti, da ostanejo in postanejo aktivnejši del slovenske modne scene, zato jim moramo omogočiti tudi obisk tednov mode, kjer lahko spoznavajo nove kolekcije, same oblikovalce in druge dejavne osebe iz sveta mode.

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COS Jacket
Zara White Shirt
Zara Black Wide Leg Trousers
Mango Red Block Heel Shoes
Asos Cage Bag

Minimalist, oversized with a touch of sport luxe.

Sport Luxe is such a big trend at the moment that I felt like I couldn't pass on it just yet. Classic white shirt and smart trousers paired with a minimalistic oversized parka and statement accessories was my choice for this edition of LJFW.

I will attend Petja Zorec's runway show - an incredible Slovene fashion designer, whose designs I feel completely coincide with my style and fashion beliefs. If you'd like to get to know her a bit more click here for the interview she did with Outsider Magazine. 

It's been fun to get back into Fashion Week!

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That Little Black Jumpsuit

It's time to swap your little black dress for that little black jumpsuit.

Move over, little black dress. Now all the focus is around finding the perfect little black jumpsuit. It's classic, timeless and empowering. My choice was a menswear inspired jumpsuit, with minimal gold details around the waist, which I paired with simple strappy black heels from Bershka. 

It's a nice alternative to a dress and who says you can't look great in a pair of pants!? If you find the right fit and the perfect pair of heels you will undoubtedly make a bolder statement than with a dress. 

outfit: Michael Kors F/W 2017 , @galerijaemporium


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