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SO I HAVE A MAGAZINE? // Māgoa and M.erch

Though it's not a secret, it's actually something that I've never written about before on my blog. SO HERE IT IS!
I have a magazine, titled Māgoa, where we share talented up-and-coming artists from Slovenia, as well as all around the world. That was my vision since I started, hmm let's call it my "journey" as an artist myself. It's funny to think, where I am today, thinking about my past-self. But things happen for a reason. Or so I think so. 

So how everything actually started?

It all started from disappointment. A certain situation, where someone didn't appreciate all the hard work I put into my projects and decided they were better off than the rest of us. So be it, I said to myself, and left that company. After a few weeks of not actually knowing where to go next, me and Žan came up with this crazy idea: let's have a magazine, where we will create an open space for all artists to freely express their ideas. With no restrictions, no censorship and constant support. Not like the rest of them. AND SO WE DID! I started creating the corporate identity of Māgoa, which was my first design job. Ever. I could never imagine that would become one of the most important aspects of my future creative work.

We also didn't tell anyone, not even my closest friends. We didn't want any particular image associating with the work we did, because we knew, it would somehow impact everything we created. And to be honest, it was fun hiding behind this art profile and create a certain mystery around it. Nobody actually knew who Māgoa was, and I loved it. It felt so freeing, simply just focusing on art and creating something I always wanted, with absolutely no restrictions. 

Fashion is a very close-knit group of people, especially here in Slovenia, where everybody knows each other and connections rule the system. Our aim is to change that and give talented artists opportunity to show their work to a wider audience. Because we are familiar with the current media situation - every magazine uses the same old names again and again, never even letting younger artists a small chance to prove themselves they are worthy of that position. But hey, let's change that, ok?

So yes, Māgoa was all one big secret. Until now, the launch event in Moderna Cafe, which changed that. Our first print issue is out, after a year of hard-work. Magazine is no joke and I've experienced that first-hand throughout the first year of being editor-in-chief of Māgoa Magazine. It was a struggle, for sure. There were countless times where I just wanted to leave everything and give up. Yet, the support from my closest family and friends, as well as the artists (you all know who you are!) who have been there with us since the very beginning. Thank you for your constant support, because without you, there wouldn't be anything to hold in my hands. Trust me, I would have given up a looong time ago!

So today marks another chapter in Māgoa's story. Not just the print issue, but also our very own merchandise.

Māgoa. Art of people we love to follow, create with and promote. Art of people with whom we share our visions, moments and stories at the end of this 1styear journey. Māgoa is a group of friends and artists, who dreamed up a new open platform. By now, you all probably know our story. Today marks another chapter of Māgoa.
We are happy to present our own line of products titled M.ERCH. For our first official project we have collaborated with Slovenian fashion designer, Kiss the Future, and created a limited-edition line of pink & white sweaters.

They are available in 2 different designs and 4 color combinations, all oversized: white with large graphic (black or red print) // pink with yellow or pink with red design (Māgoa’s most recognizable color combination), both with small graphic in red.

Here are three facts about our new line of sweaters:


Our most important factor when creating the sweaters was to support local production and designers, because we firmly stand for sustainable fashion and pieces that carry a story behind them. They are handcrafted with care by Kiss the Future. Made in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Sweaters are made out of 100% cotton. Material is of local origin as well, made in Lokateks, Gorenjska predilnica.


When it comes to size, we create clothes for real life, and real people. Because we don’t judge or differentiate based on size. Or your gender. It’s all one size and unisex.

WANT ONE? I know it's way too hot to think about that, but trust me, autumn is right around the corner. So click here and place your order.

Thank you for all the support. This year was absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see what in store for us in the future.


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for your own pleasure 

Yes! It finally happened. We are happy to present another Slovenian gin, made exclusively by our big extended family: it's called Va_Gin. 


It all started one day, on a holiday, as our own family inside joke and who would have thought that it would grow into something so much bigger, we could ever expect. 

It's an undeniably funny word pun we couldn't just let it slip through our hands: Va_gin. Gin Va_gin. We've never heard of any gin named like that before, even though it's right there, really in your face. So we plucked up the courage and decided to go for it. We didn't want to hide it anymore, but proudly show and share it with the rest of the world. 

We weren't to familiar with the whole technical side of gin, we just knew that we absolutely adored it. And when you combine London Dry Gin standard with Va_gin, you get an unexpected double pun, which was our sign to finally go for it! 


Va_gin is perfect for family gatherings. For friends. Simply, everyone you appreciate. 
When you want to have fun, let loose and just enjoy. 
For your own pleasure. 


Our aim is to constantly support local production. So this one was a no-brainer for us. We wanted to make a gin of Slovenian production, aromatic, unusual, yet rich. Gin that is suitable for all seasons year round with a fresh harmony of flavours - that is the reason we decided to keep it cloudy and not diluted with alcohol. 


Yes, we kept it in limited edition. Va_gin will commemorate our family gatherings, birthdays, anniversaries, family brunches and lunches. It was designed for happy people and for those, who want to become that. 

For Slovenian version of this post, check out Klemen's blog!

*Not an advertisement, but a presentation of a family project and is not for sale. 

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7 / 7

Today is the 7th. Of August. And it’s my birthday.
I’m a clear Leo, which means I love my birthday. If I could make it an entire month, I undoubtedly would. 2018 also marks 7 years of Blush. I could best describe my past seven years online as a long and steady journey. There were no shortcuts, but just a lot of perseverance and joy in what I do.

First of all I would like to thank you all, for sticking around for the past seven years. Even though I have been a bit more absent since my New York posts and a few random ones after that - I have created my own magazine titled Māgoa (which I haven’t shared with you before, and it kinda feels weird but exciting as well) - but I promise to blog more in my 8th year in the blogosphere.
When I was thinking about a way to commemorate this moment, I was thinking about making it something special, like Klemen does every year. But that just doesn’t feel like me - I feel it is best to write something more personal. 

It all came about on a Thursday afternoon. The temperature outside was roughly the same as mine was. We were in the middle of a heat wave and I got a really bad cold after my recent trip to Vienna, which led me to a few day bed-rest. Believe it or not, this was the only day we could take some photos and I had literally nothing prepared.
I haven’t yet worn my new Cos knitted top and this seemed like the perfect occasion to do so. That was the first thing to mark the occasion and I didn’t even know it. 

Now, continuing with my Adidas Continental 80s white trainers. I really wanted to buy a pair of new white trainers so these were the first ones that popped out to me on Asos. Ever since I first saw Call Me By Your Name I have absolutely become obsessed with the 80s trend. This book is also special to me because it followed me on my first solo journey to London, where I had an interview for London College of Fashion course, so it added another bonus to a very busy year.

Half Ponytail. Even though I love being a blonde, I have to admit that it has severely damaged my hair - because of the bleach, my hair has become more brittle and visibly ruined in the front. Because of that I need to wear this type of a hairstyle (or a sleek pony/bun) on a daily basis now, until I have fixed it a bit.

Vintage denim. I couldn’t imagine a day without a denim piece as part of my outfit. Even though I have said in the past (probably during my 4th year of blogging), I would never wear jeans again, I was wrong once again. It was a stupid phase, which I came out of quite quickly. Now I cannot wait to receive a good pair of vintage jeans, preferably a looser, wide-leg fit. I'm kinda glad skinny jeans are out. Now I can finally breath. 

A young jewellery designer from Paris, Anne Shelley, connected me a few weeks ago, if I wanted to try out her hand-made earrings. Her work is amazing and she undoubtedly has the talent I want to promote to my readers. It was also a funny coincidence, because it was only a few months ago that I started wearing earrings again. I have been avidly avoiding wearing jewellery for years now (no exaggeration), but with the influence of my dear friends and Instagram, I have gotten back on track.

Vintage straw bag. This was another great vintage find, which is honestly irreplaceable - you cannot find a bag like that in any other store. I have been wearing a lot of vintage pieces in 2018 and I am proud that I am slowly straying away from fast fashion + buying more consciously than before.

These small coloured sunglasses were found by accident on our way to the shoot - they were lying next to a trash container, together with around five other pairs. We (meaning me and my photographer) have been loving these small sunglasses trend - we even have a secret saying, which I would rather not mention on the internet - so this certainly felt like fate. They are now in very good hands, not to worry about that.

So, that was my outfit, which also summed up my recent changes, favourite things, coincidences and realisations all in one simple look. Random at first, but with a lot of meaning behind it. Story behind everything has now become very important to me and I encourage you all, to make a few researches before diving into something new - be it a simple purchase, an occasion or something more significant.

Thank you again. For everything.
And to another great year here, on Blush.


photo: Epopteia 

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argent / in motion

June has always been a symbol for madness in my life.  Physical and emotional. 
Constantly in motion. Without a break. 
I can't remember when it was the last time that I've laughed and cried as much as this June. 
It has truly been a whirlwind of a month. 
Realisation, determination and moving on. 
That has been my June so far. 

wearing: Zara turtle neck top, Fila pants, H&M silver jacket, Primark sunglasses, COS earrings, Adidas Stan Smith trainers 

photo: Epopteia 


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Pagan and Proud / Janja Videc

11th of May 2018

Janja Videc unveils her newest collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana.
She does not just design. She builds. A community.
A community of modern witches that are on a search for lost authenticity.
A community of witches that are trying to emancipate from centuries long oppression.
Witches who are the granddaughters of the witches they were not able to burn.
Follow her journey and join the movement.

At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Ljubljana you have presented your newest collection. What was the main story of this one?

Just like the past ones, this collection is also inspired by me, my internal experience of a certain time period. This time around, I have tackled the question of authenticity - at first on my personal level and later as a general issue. I was thinking about what authenticity actually means to me and what I stand for. As our genuine culture I consider the traditions of our pagan, slavic and shamanistic ancestors, which were always very close to me. On the other hand I haven't felt any close connection with which, in a rather violent way, came after that. Only in the last time period, when this genuine tradition has slowly been coming to the surface, is when I have felt that I have roots. That I am a granddaughter of the witches.

In the past you have paid close attention to the choices of fabrics. Certificates of quality and fair trade materials have become a constant in your design. What were the used fabrics this time around?

It's true. Since the very beginning I have paid close attention to materials and I constantly search for new ways to discover materials, which would be both aesthetically pleasing as well as ethical and comfortable to wear. This may seem a bit of a paradox, but I don't completely trust the certificates. If I compare the material, which was produced in a family company in Belgium or Italy with the one, which was transported from India and has an ecological certificate - it's quite an issue to completely separate regarding in these particular situations what is the most ecological and ethical. The question is also, how ethical is a particular brand, which uses silk, even though it is ecological. These certainly aren't easy questions, but I personally believe that designers try to do whatever they can to design within their vision and take into account other factors as well. It's important to educate others without any judgement. In my new collection I mainly used flax, cotton and viscose. All natural and vegan materials, which were produced in European countries.

For the Witches collection we could say that it continued your previous vision. You started designing the famous witches' t-shirts, which you created together with Marko Klemen Sovree (Po dežju). Now it has evolved into an entire movement. Could you tell us more about the #witchessisterhood? 

I created the new collection also in collaboration with Marko. He created amazing graphic designs, which I am really thankful for. I could say that he connected the entire collection with his creative ideas. Collection Witches lookbook was my graduate collection, which won an award in 2015 for best collection at Ljubljana Fashion Week. This collection opened many new doors for my career. It has given me a vision, which followed me throughout my creative process - the usage of natural materials, minimalism, archetypes and obviously witches! I strongly feel about those things and they are my constant source of inspiration. According to the response from the public, I believe that it is now finally the time that we, witches connect with the help of the virtual space. Because of this particular reason I have decided to create #witchessisterhood and I hope it will stick. You are all welcome to post on your social media, Let's connect!

What are your plans for the future? Do you have any projects in the making you would like to share with us?

Currently I am preparing basic t-shirts with designs from the new collection. Some pieces from the collection will definitely repeat so that I can send them to different concept stores, which I work with. I want to collaborate with shops from abroad, which takes quite a long time and financial costs - that is the main reason why I take things slowly. If I am completely honest, I want to take some break, to finally move in our almost-renewed apartment and to later get back to designing, filled with new energy. Of course I will stay open for new opportunities which will come in my way!

photos: Lucija Rosc
background image: Alexphotos
graphic design: my own


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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana / Spring '18

Another spring. Another edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana. Designers from all around Slovenia and Europe have gathered once again to present their new collections to the Slovenian audience. How was the whole fashion week experience? Besides falling sick the first day of it all and pushing through with a fever, I still had a great time. 

Interested? Read more below. 

You may think that after attending the adored New York Fashion Week back in February I would be let down by #MBFWLJ - this may be true to some extent, because we clearly cannot compare to the so-called BIG 4 fashion weeks, I can still say that I was pleasantly surprised by a few fashion designers who knew how to prepare an entertaining fashion show. More of that in my top 5 collections which I listed below. 

Now let's get onto the outfits. 


You can never go wrong with an all-black outfit, right? This all-black ensamble was a pain to wear I'm not gonna lie, especially while having a fever on a sunny warm day, but I still loved the way everything turned out and honestly really enjoyed wearing it. I wore Topshop overalls paired with a Zara white shirt worn under a DKNY hoodie. I finished everything off with a Pajk hat, Zara sock boots, Asos bandana and Janja Videc glass earrings. 


The second day of #mbfwlj started really sunny, but when it came to the first part of the runway shows it suddenly started raining really heavily. Because of that I decided to go for a "weather inspired look" and wear my hair very sleek and completely wet. As goes for the outfit I went with my trusted Zara wide leg trousers, M J M t-shirt, Almira Sadar red jacket, Brlan socks with strappy heels, a vintage straw bag and Mango red statement earrings.

A post shared by Ana Žnidaršič (@ana_blush) on

And to end this post, here are 5 of my favourite collections from MBFWLJ.

Tjaša Zalar

The usage of folk music and traditional patterns both reinterpreted with modern twists supported the visual imagery of the entire collection. Her oversized jumpers, puffer jackets, shorts, etc. ranging in white, red, pink, green and blue were uniquely styled with trendy sneakers and socks to support the current streetstyle vision. Tjaša Zalar presented a fresh spin on the current athleisure trend with the help of her roots and tradition. Even though she is still a newcomer fashion designer (receiving the MBFWA only last year), she has already significantly paved her path onto Slovenian fashion scene. She has evoked amazing reactions from the crowd who cheered her onto the stage after her debut collection at the MBFWLJ. And we agree – Tjaša Zalar and her amazing talent is the one to watch in the next few years.

Janja Videc

Janja Videc retained her minimalistic and organic design approach, further elaborating her “witches” vision, that has already been implied in her previous collections. This time her usually strict forms dissolved into more flowy voluminous shapes, setting free an old pagan spirit that has been suppressed. Colours remained minimal, ranging from white to deep blue and black, unifying the newly formed sisterhood of witches. The graphic design on bags and straps is a result of her collaboration with Marko Klemen Sovree (Po dežju).

Marko Glavinić

Marko Glavinić’s menswear collection was infused with bold, shiny textures, which were carefully designed into structured jackets and styled with checked trousers, shorts or skirts. The styling was completed with sneakers and colourful socks with MG logo on it, which neatly tied together with the rest of the collection. Even though the colours in the collection ranged in the muted colour palette, Marko Glavinić used the pops of silver, green and yellow to bring out certain parts of his design. As a whole, the collection was a really fresh take on menswear.

Milica Vukadinović 

Milica Vukadinović has already presented a few collections at the MBFWLJ and each year she is one of the designers everyone is talking about. And this year was no different. Milica retained her structured approach in oversized pockets (on both shirts and pants), but played with colourful mesh for a more relaxed feeling throughout – which has been a rather different approach in comparison to her previous presented collections. Colours were innovatively combined – red, green and burgundy; yellow, pink, blue and orange. Athleisure was a big trend at this edition of MBFWLJ; Milica also contributed to that with the styling of looks – with belt bags, hats, sneakers and socks.

Sari Valenci

Sari Valenci never disappoints in presenting an eccentric collection and this year hasn’t been any different. Her innovative collection was marked by a variety of textures, bold colour combinations and spot on streetstyle styling. She clearly knows who her client is and designs with this particular vision in mind. Oversized structures presented in bold patterns and colours were perfectly layered with cycling shorts, vests, tops and shirts. Just like Tjaša Zalar, she managed to support her collection with an amazing visual imagery behind and a song that suited the vibe of the clothing presented. Sari Valenci has all the needed knowledge of the current trends and she is clearly never at a loss for ideas – we cannot wait what she will bring out in the future.

You can read more about the designers here. 

So that's a wrap - it's the end of another fashion season. See you all in the fall!

photos: Jure Makovec. 

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The Perfect Transitional Coat / Trench

Looking for that perfect transitional piece to carry you from the spring to summertime? Look no further, I got a great one for you.

Trench coat is a staple wardrobe piece for everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. When the nights get really cold in the summertime, when it's raining or when simply want to wear it on its own. You can dress it up or dress it down - for meetings, school or shopping. In my opinion you can never go wrong with a nice trench coat.

Yes, the obvious choice may be Burberry when it comes to trench coats, but the highstreet as well as other brands have brought out so many variations of this staple coat (as one of the main trends of S/S 2018) that I simply wouldn't want to limit myself to just one brand. There are so many options out there, you just have to find the one that suits your style best. This one is from Kenzo and it's the lightest coat I've ever worn. I also prefer to wear my trench coats belted so that my shape doesn't get lost under all that material.

Casual streetwear.

Because I adore absolutely streetstyle, I decided to style it a bit casual with a pair of lightwash vintage jeans, a simple white tee from H&M, Adidas black trainers and finished everything off with a vintage straw bag and small (frame) sunglasses.

wearing: Kenzo Trench, vintage jeans / sunglasses / bag, H&M t-shirt, Adidas trainers.

photos: Epopteia Photography
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