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Coffee obsession

Hello hello my fashion lovers!

How are you? I was in London last month and I was so excited to try new things .... like Starbucks! :) Yeah I admit I became obsessed with it! I tried their new frappuccino and it was sooo good! So that's why i decided to post some photos of Starbucks! I hope you like it! :)

Ps: I really don't like their new logo! Older one was much better! :)


2 komentarja

  1. O ja ja, starbucks je tud moja obsesija. Pa men je tud bol všeč prejšn logo ;)!

  2. oooo yes I feel you:P ..enostavno obožujem starbucks...še dobro, da ga nimamo v slo...ker bi bla k slon:) je tud starejši logo bolj všeč


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