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Fall/Winter 2011

Hello hello my fashion lovers!

So every fashionista plans her looks for months ahead. So fall is just a month away and I was looking at new trends and here are some color trends:

1. Use a lot of soft colors. Not like in spring and summer where you choose really bright colors (bright yellow, orange, bright purple) but that doesn't mean you must wear dark colors (black, grey, brown) Here is an example.

2. Burgundy. This color is very unusual but luxurious at the same time. You can hardly spoil your look with it so don't be shy to use it. 

3. Shinny colors. Use a lot of sparkles for special events especially in the evening. But don't exaggerate and stay true to your style.

4. Midnight blue. It's really a beautiful color you can wear it anywhere, you  just have to be careful to accessorize in a right way. 

5. Prints. This style is really unique and it speaks for itself so here are just some examples. 

So here are some trends and I hope you like them ! :) For more style tipps go to


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Lady Gaga?!

Hello hello my fashion lovers!

Yesterday I was looking at the news on eonline (fashion police) and I was shocked when I saw pictures of Lady Gaga! But it was a good shock. :) No more crazy outfits, don't get me wrong they were fashionable too, but her new more sophisticated look suits her much better. She was wearing a single-shoulder black Versace dress with thigh slit, sunglasses and tiny clutch. She was also wearing black platform pump shoes. I just love her new style and I hope she continues with it.

And here are some pictures! (and also another black she was wearing recently)


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Lazy week

It's been a lazy week and I did absolutely nothing not even for my blog! Sorry! :( You know it's summer and in this time of year I usually just relax and sleep a lot! :) So I decided to post another pictures from our vacations in Croatia!

Fashion...Sea side...Sunset = some great pictures! So here they are!

PS: Tomorrow is my birthday party and I will keep you all posted! :)

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Amy Winehouse

Last week at only age 27 died a really talented singer Amy Winehouse. I've never listened to her music only to her biggest hit Rehab, but I was really sad to hear about her death. Yesterday I bought her CD called Back to black and it's amazing! I really like You know I'm no good or Valerie. She was really talented and it's so sad to see young talents die so quickly. She was inspiration for many british artists like Adele and Duffy so that they could make it not only in Britain but also in the USA. Her blues/jazz voice was so fresh that it attracted many fans even from other genres of music to listen to her. So here are some photos of her and may she rest in peace! Music world will miss her and her amazing talent.

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I'm back

Hello hello my fashion lovers!

I'm back! Finally! :) We were on an island called Lošinj and we've also been to Cres and Krk! So mostly Croatia!  I had the best time ever so I decided I will share some photos from our vacations! I hope you like them and c u soon!

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