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New look of my blog. U like it? :D

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I've got them

Yes, I finally got them. As I said I decided to buy the real ones this time and I did. Yesterday I went to Emporium in BTC just to check them out and there they were, so pretty and I couldn't resist, so I bought them. I decided for orange(ish) brown and not for the sand color because they wouldn't last. :) I chose the short model because it looks better for me.

So here they are:

I really like them. What do you think?

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Hello hello my fashion lovers!

I finally decided to buy the UGGs! Yes it took me 2 years but now I decided to really buy them. I was thinking of classic model, but I'm not sure if I should buy the short one or the tall model. I think I'll buy boots in sand color or maybe in a brown color. So what do you think? What kind of UGGs should I buy? I'll be happy for all your comments.

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Hello hello my fashion lovers!

How are you? So the holidays are finally here and I'm so excited to spend some days off school. So I didn't know what to post today and so I decided to show you my favorite dresses from the great Valentino. I mean, who doesn't know and love Valentino.

So here they are:

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Exchange with the Netherlands

Hello hello my fashion lovers!

How are you all doing? I've been so busy with school and everything, that's why I'm so excited for holidays next week! :) So this week I participated in exchange with people from Holland. My exchange partner was Andrea and she was sooo nice! :) We had so much fun! So of course we had to show some interesting sights to the dutch people and we went to the coast, Bled and Ljubljana! Here are some pictures from our trip! :)


PS: I can't wait to go there in April! ;)
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Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Hairstyle trends

Hello hello my fashion lovers!

How are you?? Yes I'm finally back from Vienna. It was amazing! Pictures coming soon (I hope so)! :) So for today I have prepared some of my favorite hairstyle trends for fall and winter.


This is nothing special, easy-to-do and many fashion designers use them to complement their fashion shows. Use your imagination, add some details and be creative.

2. UPDOs

Everything from sleek ballerina buns to messy top knots. If you want to get a feminine look, updo is exactly what you need.


Bang has made a strong comeback in 2011.


Fashion shows are full of this kind of haircuts and almost every woman loves it because it makes woman's face look thinner.


And last but not least is Ponytail. It can be either low and messy or high and tight. You can do it either way and you'll still look pretty and fashionable.

And what's your favorite hairstyle trend for this fall???

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A trip to Vienna

Hello hello my fashion lovers!

So on Thursday I'm going to Vienna and I'm so excited. We are going to the opera where we're going to see Madam Butterfly. :) There's going to be a lot of shopping. And I almost forgot.... Starbucks. :) I'm coming back on Saturday so I promise you, that I'll post new picture from my trip. Have a nice weekend! :)

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Alexander Wang

Hello hello my fashion lovers!

How are you all doing? So today I was looking trough pictures of NY fashion week and I just love ready-to-wear collection from Alexander Wang. I think he is the most talented young designer at the moment. He is a Taiwanese - American fashion designer. At age 18, he moved to New York to attend Parsons The New School for Design to study fashion design. After dropping out in his sophomore year, he launched his first women's ready-to-wear collection in 2007. The label embodies cool downtown style, French chic and rock grunge - always finished off with a slouchy, rolled-out-of-bed edge. So I made a collage of my favorite looks from his new ready-to-wear collection.

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Best dressed and worst dressed

Hello hello my fashion lovers!

How are you?? Today I was reading Elle magazine and I decided to write my new post about best and worst dressed of the week. So here are some pictures and it's up to you to decide.

Best dressed:

Kate Middleton in Amanda Wakeley
Lady Gaga in Moschino
Heidi Klum in Roberto Cavalli 

Worst dressed:

Mary - Kate Olsen (unknown designer)
Fergie (unknown designer)
Lily Collins in Chanel

My picks: BEST Heidi Klum
                 WORST Lily Collins

more on:


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