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I've got them

Yes, I finally got them. As I said I decided to buy the real ones this time and I did. Yesterday I went to Emporium in BTC just to check them out and there they were, so pretty and I couldn't resist, so I bought them. I decided for orange(ish) brown and not for the sand color because they wouldn't last. :) I chose the short model because it looks better for me.

So here they are:

I really like them. What do you think?


5 komentarjev

  1. Res-končno =D
    Ful so lepši kot bež.

  2. :) lepi so...:)Mene je pa minila tale UGG manija... Vedno sem si govorila, ah saj bom naslednje leto kupila...:) pa jih še do danes nisem:)

  3. lepi :) jaz se ne morem več ločiti od svojih tako so fajn :)

  4. 220 Euros! :) They're quite expensive. :)


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