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Hello hello my fashion lovers!

I finally decided to buy the UGGs! Yes it took me 2 years but now I decided to really buy them. I was thinking of classic model, but I'm not sure if I should buy the short one or the tall model. I think I'll buy boots in sand color or maybe in a brown color. So what do you think? What kind of UGGs should I buy? I'll be happy for all your comments.


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  1. Jaz imam črne visoke in bi blo verjetno boljše če bi nizke kupila, ker so mi lepši. :) Ti pa priporočam rjave ali pa sive, ker teli zgledajo kot da bi se res takoj umazal. :) pa lepo pazi na njih!

  2. Uuuuu respect for your brave decision! Where will you buy them?

  3. Thanks! Yes I finally bought them! Today, in Emporium! I'm so excited! Pictures coming tomorrow! :)


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