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For the Christian Louboutin fans amongst us, this one's for you. This is a little sneak preview of the shoes and handbags we can expect to see on shelves for Spring Summer 2012! I just love them, especially the handbag with spikes!


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One of my all time favorite designer is of course Elie Saab. His work is just perfection. And you know what they say: pictures say a thousand words.

Who is your favorite designer?

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Gossip girl fashion


So you might didn't know that, but I am a really big fan of Gossip Girl. And the best thing about this series is that it's all about fashion. I love both Serena's and Blair's fashion style even though they are totally different. That's why I decided to post some of my favorite outfits from all 5 seasons. So here they are:

Loewe Amazona Calf-Leather Bag $1,738 (similar style) 
Badgley Mischka Ophelia Pump

Victoria Beckham Spring Summer 2010 Dress

Diane von Furstenberg Clarice Dress : $1,400.00

Louis Vuitton Resort 2011 Floral Bustier Dress


For more styles go to:
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My wish list :)


How are you? I had a really busy week at school AGAIN so I didn't have much time to post anything. But fortunately I found some time to check out this really good online store and I found some must have looks for fall/winter and of course they are going on my wish list (it' getting longer and longer) :)

Here they are:
Jimmy Choo

Miu Miu


Christian Louboutin

Alexander Wang


Miu miu

If you want to check out the site go to -

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Autumn hat

As you have all noticed I always start my new posts with: "HELLO, HELLO MY FASHION LOVERS", well today everything it's going to change... muahahah. Let make it shorter... Hmmm... Let start with HHMFL. It is short for it and you will know what it means =)

Well today I made some shopping in Graz and I became obsessed with these hats that are a huge hit in fashion right now. Kim Kardashian is the best example how to make this hat schic and sexy. Klemen helped me to make this little collage for you. =D

Then I checked some Slovenian blogs & I just love magnifique  christmas girls. These girls really know how to rock this look.
And here are some pictures of me, with my dreamy hat:

I haven't bought it yet... So what do you think?

I also did some nail polish shopping (catrine cosmetics). Take a look.

That is it for today.

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OMG I love Victoria Beckham's newest collection. She is a true fashionista and knows what women want and should wear. That's why her whole line is already sold out. Yes, I really wanted to buy a dress but it's sold out in my size. :( Her style is amazing and I just love her shoe collection. Here are some of my favorite things from her collection:

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Hello hello my fashion lovers! Or better- fashion photographers!

I'm thinking of buying a new camera and I really don't know what is the best brand or what kind of a model should I buy! That's why I need YOUR help. I really want to buy a professional one, maybe good for beginners but still that good, so that I can take some amazing pictures. Maybe not the cheapest one and not too expensive, but somewhere in the middle. I was thinking, maybe CANNON or NIKON! I don't know how good are they. That's why I'll be happy if you could help me! THANKS

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Hello fashion lovers!

I few weeks ago I saw in a Slovenian magazine an interview with Lara Bohinc. I decided to go and check out her official website and I became obsessed with some of designs. They are AMAZING. She has a store in London but I forgot to go there when I was in London. Maybe next time :)

So here are some of her designs:

Which one do you like best?

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new blogger ring

Good morning fashion lovers!

I have a new ring. A new blogger ring. It's black and silver and it's so pretty (and also really big). I got it in Orsay. What do you think?

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It's fall time. It's the perfect time for taking pictures because of all the colors. That's why me and KLEMEN decided to take some of them. So here they are and I hope you like them:

I'm wearing: ZARA coat
                    H&M scarf and skirt
                    ESPRIT boots

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Fall in CITY

Hello hello my fashion lovers!

I decided to make a collage of my favorite photos from MANGO campaign Fall 2011 City Wear. I really love their campaign and pictures. I also add pics from New York (my dream city) and my own pictures of Ljubljana. So here it is:

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