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Autumn hat

As you have all noticed I always start my new posts with: "HELLO, HELLO MY FASHION LOVERS", well today everything it's going to change... muahahah. Let make it shorter... Hmmm... Let start with HHMFL. It is short for it and you will know what it means =)

Well today I made some shopping in Graz and I became obsessed with these hats that are a huge hit in fashion right now. Kim Kardashian is the best example how to make this hat schic and sexy. Klemen helped me to make this little collage for you. =D

Then I checked some Slovenian blogs & I just love magnifique  christmas girls. These girls really know how to rock this look.
And here are some pictures of me, with my dreamy hat:

I haven't bought it yet... So what do you think?

I also did some nail polish shopping (catrine cosmetics). Take a look.

That is it for today.


3 komentarji

  1. Hud klobuk ful :) H & m ane? :)

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