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One year anniversary

Hi Dolls. I still can't believe that I'm saying this, but it's been one year since I started Blush. Yeey. Time goes by so fast. It feels like I have just started it and that I published my first post. I have to thank everyone who always visits my blog and comments my posts. Without you this would be all for nothing. I hope to continue this for many years and still be in love with fashion and everything that comes with it.


5 komentarjev

  1. vse najboljše blogcu :) pa še na dolga leta! :D
    Xoxo, Peppi

  2. hepi brzdej :)

    + kar je ful smesno je to, da imam isto pobarvane nohtke kot ta bejba samo da imam kombinirano pastel oranzno + zlato :)


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