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Back to school #2

Hi Dolls. So this is post number 2 in my Back to school series. You all know that the most important thing to prepare for school is of course a school bag. I bought mine last year and it's from Fred Perry. I just love it because it's black so it goes good with everything and because it's so spacious (I usually take a lot of things with me to school, but I don't know why.) The next thing to prepare are notebooks, folders and pencils/pens (I showed you my covers for folders I use in my last post). And last but not least is my new phone that I bought it last week, because my last one stopped working. It's a new Blackberry Bold 9900 and it is amazing. It works perfectly because it combines touch and keyboard and it's great for school work, taking notes, checking emails etc. So these are all the things I prepared for school that unfortunately starts in less than 5 days.

 I hope you liked this post. Keep on checking my blog, because new posts are coming soon, from the first day outfit to special school shopping trip. Till then XOXO
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Back to school SERIES

Hi Dolls. So I'm back. I've just finished with my work/job and now I have time to just relax because in only a week the school will officially start and I'm not excited at all. I already prepared everything (don't know why) including my collage for a folder that I carry in my school bag. I always have two folders, one of them is pink and the other one is black. And this year the inspiration came from my favorite brand of all time CHANEL for the black one, and the street style that was very popular this summer for the pink one. So here they are: 

I forgot to mention that I'm starting a back to school series that will include: the FIRST DAY outfit, everyday outfit and more so keep on reading my posts :) XOXO
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Good morning :)

Hi Dolls. Sorry for the lack of posts but I've been really busy lately because.... I got a job :) yes, it's true, even though I wanted carefree holidays, I decided to find a job, and my first day of work was actually my birthday :) It's been fun working and earning money :), because I really need to buy some new things to prepare for fall that is coming soo fast.  Anyway I just wanted to say a quick good morning to y'all and I promise you, I'll take more time to keep you posted. 

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Let's do it one more time #3

Hi Dolls. So this is a last part of my fairytale "trilogy". If you don't know the whole story and the inspiration of this photo shoot go two posts below and start at the post #1.
Can't wait to show you my next post. Till then xoxo

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