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My first feature

Hi Dolls. This week my first interview was published. It was for an online magazine called "Wannabe magazine". I was very excited when the editor send me a request email about the interview. Here it's the link for all of you to check it out: interview

Because it's in serbian I'm also posting the english version.

1. Hi! How did the name of your blog come about?
2. If your blog had a mission statement, what would it be? 
3. How would you describe your style?
4. Who inspires your wardrobe and why?
5. Who are your favorite designers?
6. Where are your favorite places to shop?
7. What trend from the past would you like to make a comeback?
Are there any trends you are particularly inspired by this season?

1. It was quite a coincidence. I was doing my make up one day and I just picked up my chanel blush. It was like faith :) i was thinking about how every girl should have this item and because it Chanel I instantly thought about fashion. So it made sense to put blush as a name. I asked my friend, who already had a blog (Po dežju) and he said that it was a really unique name and this is how I came up with the name Blush. 
2. I don't really understand this question completely but the motto of my blog would be fashion is affordable to everyone, you just have to find the right items. 

3. I try to follow trends as much as I can, but I even break them sometimes, because I mix my items a bit differently, not as you would expect. I use very simple style, that is very affordable, because I really want to show other women that follow me, how easy it is so that they can to do it just like me. I always wear one statement piece and I combine it with an accessory from jewellry to scarves and shoes. Right now I'm obsessed with vintage look, because we have a lot of shops and festivals where you can sell or buy 2nd hand vintage things.

4. I just adore Alexa Chung's style because it so unique. I also follow fashion statements from blog The Man repeller, because she really knows how to work a certain look. I also follow the Kardashian family because they are all so different: Khloe knows how to wear an animal print, Kim with her sophisticated style, and Kourtney with boheimen style. I think no matter what they really are true fashion icons. 

5. Right now is Elie Saab that is my favorite, because of his perfection and timeless but still modern style. His dresses are now seen on the red carpet more often, because everyone finds their style in his collections. I also love Slovenian designers like Almira Sadar and Nina Šušnjara. 

6.I think it's very important decision where to go shopping, that is why i usually look for shops who can deliver fashionable items for reasonable prices, like zara, top shop, asos. I usually shop in Slovenia but sometimes we also make a trip somewhere aborad. I love buying less expensive but still very stylish clothes. But because i'm a girl, i like to treat myself with a designer item from time to time :)

7. I just adore those pencil skirts that Chanel brought in the past, because I think you can wear a great blazer with it and you look very sophisticated or you can just wear a printed top with an oversized man shirt and you look so fashionable and vintage. So I think is a must have item in every woman's wardrobe. But in the whole picture I think that trends from the past are coming back every decade like oversized shirts and sweaters, hairbands, platform shoes, printed pants and shirts ... So it's hard to choose just one, but I think a pencil skirt is a definite must have, just like a little black dress. 

8. There is a lot of trends this season. They are really popular between young people. 
I just love them and every fashionista here wears it, like American flag on shorts or t-shirts, asymetrical skirts, lace, mint color, floral prints, color blocking especially orange and pink, shirts made of jeans ... I usually put them on my blog in the way I would combine them and the responses have been quite good so far. But I think that my favorite one this year is the floral prints, preferably on pants because they are so different and so not expected. But this trend is also very tricky because it can either make or ruin the whole outfit. But I just can't wait what fall will bring and I think there is going to be so much to choose from that's why i'm pretty excited.

Hope you like my interview. XOXO

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  1. omg! congrats dear! i love your blog and you so deserved to be featured! also love finding out all these things about you

    Alexa <3

  2. You are so beautiful girl. Congratulations with the first interview!

  3. congrats xo
    I followed you, can you follow me back?


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