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Wedge sneakers

Hi Dolls. So a trend that has been popular for a while now is definitely wearing wedge sneakers. A lot of you my disagree with me, but I have to say that I just don't like them at all. I don't get the whole idea of wearing sneakers that are higher that they are suppose to be. It's one thing if you wear sneakers and another wearing wedges. Sneakers are made for sport activities and more casual looks, but wedges are more appropriate for a bit more dressy looks. That are two very opposite styles and I would never mix them together. And another thing that bothers me with this sneakers is that they remind me of aliens and space, just because of the way they are made - they use very weird colours together and the stripes just make them look even weirder. I know a lot of you will disagree with me, but I just had to share my opinion on this, so that's why I have to say just: MAKE IT STOP. 
And what do you think? Gotta have it or make it stop? Let me know by commenting below. 


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  1. Men so načeloma všeč-na fotkah, dobro skombinirane itd.. Ampak ko sem jih pa probala, se mi zdi, da pa res ne naredijo nobene usluge telesu. Nog ne podaljšajo, izgledajo grobo ugl nebi jih kupila :)

  2. they're like everywhere... it's a huge trend :) pretty cool i think :)

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  3. the black one <3 ohh I love this shoes!! You have very nice blog, I add you to my followers and I will back here many many times :)

  4. i am so interested in trying this trend - could be fun!

    following you now, would love for you to follow back!



  5. Meni so zelooo všeč. But I get your point :).
    Luškan blogec!


  6. You're looking at the wrong ones! I got my Venice Hi sneakers from Jeffrey Campbell and I cannot get enough of them. They don't have any of that weird-ness bulging lines around them and are just plain black! They are the only casual-looking shoes I can wear that give me height too! Love how you've lashed out on this though haha! I think you might cave on them sooner or later, like I did to wearing leggings as pants with a baggy top (I used to HATE THIS WITH A BURNING PASSION) lol



  7. I'm actually loving this trend. Although I'm a wedge lover in general. I can always use that extra height to lengthen my legs ;)


  8. Cool look, haha, love them so much, i saw the same pair at, stylish.


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