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Chillin' in Ljubljana

Hi Dolls. I went shopping today as a little treat for me because of all the hard work I had in this past weeks. I went to the city center and I had so much fun even though I didn't buy that much stuff :( Sadly it didn't go as I planned. And I promise that photos of that will be posted very soon. I had some time just to walk around Ljubljana and this is how me and Klemen came up with this pictures. I also went to a Pop up home and it's amazing. I've never seen anything like it before and it is soo interesting. All these people chatting and playing games make you feel like you are really at home. And the clothes up there are amazing. I want them all :) Anyway here are some pictures, hope you like them: 

New post coming soon. Till then XOXO
Been obsessed with this song for weeks: Oath - Cher Llyod 

4 komentarji

  1. ful lušne fotke! :)
    Xoxo, Peppi

  2. I love your jacket! How would you like to follow each other?

    1. Thanks :) of course we can follow each other :)


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