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Hi Dolls. As I promised before, I finally decided to post pictures from my amazing trip to London. I had the best time there and I can't wait till I go back again. I saw all the beautiful sights that London has to offer, from Buckingham palace, Big Ben (Elizabeth's tower), London eye etc. And of course I had to go see my dream school: University of the Arts London. I have never told you this before, but my biggest dream is that I could study there. I'll apply next year, however I'm not sure if I'll be good enough to get in. Anyway, I hope you like my photos. There aren't many of them because I was so fascinated by the look of this big city that I just forgot to take pictures. :) 
So have you ever been to London? 


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  1. Lepe slike. Je pa pri meni bilo obratno naredila sem ogromno fotografij, sem hotela vso malenkost shranit kot spomin (:


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