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Pretty little liars SERIES

Hi Dolls. I wanted to make this post for sooo long, and I think now it's just the right time to do it. I'll post this weekly as some kind of a series and it's about my favourite TV series of all time: Pretty little liars - well before it was GG, but it has already ended :( I just adore all the characters and their fashion styles, because each and every one of them is so different. I still don't know which is my favourite one. I'll probably decide for just one when this series ends. And excuse me for using Wikipedia, I just wanted to post some basic information about characters before adding my own comments :) 

So today is day 1 and the first one that I'll present is Lucy Hale. She plays Aria Montgomery on the show - an artistic, independent girl whose family moved back to Rosewood after her father took a three year sabbatical in Iceland. Prior to Alison's disappearance, Aria became aware that her father was having an affair with a student of his (Meredith); having promised to keep it a secret, she is kicked out of the house after the first "A" reveals the affair to her mother. Her parents divorce and Aria's father marries Meredith, and she becomes pregnant. Aria often feels out of place in Rosewood and tends to be attracted to older, more worldly men, which frequently causes conflicts for her. After a near-death experience, she is overcome with guilt and decides to confess to accidentally killing Tabitha (unaware she was not responsible for Tabitha's death).
She has more of an edgy style than the rest of the girls. I personally like it most of the times, because she mix and matches different styles as many of young girls do it right now, so for that reason she is one of the most relatable characters on the show. I found some outfits that I just loved seeing on her and decided to make on on Polyvore based on her original style. 

And some others:

And you, do you like Pretty little liars? What do you think about Aria? 


3 komentarji

  1. njah, še ena oboževalka te serije, jst sm kr ee par izpitov precej slabš pisala zarad te serije ker sem jo začela gledat med izpitnim obdobjem in postala pretty much obsedena :D

  2. jaaa, same here, sem zacela dober mesec nazaj pa pogledala ze prvi dve sezoni in sem zdej ze pri tretji :D prov addictive so :D pa cist vse 4 so mi super :)

  3. Joj ze dolg hocem zacet gledat pa ne upam, ker me serije vedno prevec potegnejo vase. Sem pa slisala, da je super. Bom zacela, ko bom imela prevec casa:)


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