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Hi Dolls. This is another outfit of the day post and I wore this yesterday to school. I wore a green sweater from H&M which I find so pretty, because I just love this shade of green and it's also really popular this season so this is another great thing about ti. I matched it with a black leather skirt from River Island, and some gold jewellery. I really like this outfit because it makes me feel comfy and worm, especially because it's so cold here at the moment, and some edginess with the leather. So this is pretty much it for today, I'll post some new things tomorrow, and a special DIY is coming soon. 
Till then XOXO 

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  1. i just love your skirt and sweater.that deep green is such a lovely shade.

  2. You look so lovely hun,
    Loving the skirt and the necklace:)

  3. Double watches :D cute

  4. very nice blog!
    yes! i follow you! pls follow back

    xxx Jassy

  5. oh, thank you :)
    and i really like your blog :p
    yes i follow you, follow back :)

    xoxo laura.♥

  6. Hello :)
    Thank you for your lovely comment <3 If you really like my blog I think you would follow it without Follow each other ;) But if you like it really I look forward to you as a Follower

    Xoxo Lora|

  7. Love your sweater so much,it's so cute! Such a stunning outfit,+ your necklace is so gorgeous!

    Following you via GFC&Bloglovin,hope that you can check out my blog,

    1. Thank you so much, following you back :)

  8. amazing outfit. :D
    where did you buy this skirt? :))
    I will follow you via Bloglovin and Blogger and you can also look at my blog. :)
    have a nice evening!

    1. Thanks. It's from River Island. Of course I'll follow you :)

  9. Such a beautiful outfit! I love the mix of the green with the gold in your necklace, it's lovely ^.^

  10. These pictures are just stunning :) I'm so pleased to have found your blog and am following you now!

  11. Thanks for your lovely commentary ! I'm interested in following each other :) so let's do so, I started following you :)
    I love the necklace on your photos and the fact that you're wearing glasses. I have to wear glasses, too , but I seldomly like wearing them for photos. :D
    xx Laura

  12. Very cute outfit. I love your sweater!


  13. Hi! :) Thanks for the interest! I just started follow you. :)


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