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Red carpet predictions

Hi Dolls. The award season is already in it's full swing and the Oscars are almost here. Yeey so excited. And because I'm the kind of person who stays up all night just to watch the red carpet and then the ceremony I made some collages of what I think stars would wear on the most red carpet in the whole year. And I chose a lot of red this year because I think that many designer are using in their Spring collections. Especially Valentino and Dior who are red carpet must haves. 
So lets start. 

Anne Hathaway

This year she is nominated as best lead actress for her role in Les Miserables. The movie is such a success and I have to say she is definitely my favourite one in this category, because the movie is just awesome and she plays her role very well. Now let's talk about fashion. She is known for her Dior/Valentino classic gowns, very sophisticated and well fit, sometimes very princess-like. She usually wears bright colours that complement her skin tone and red or soft pink are definitely the best choice. My opinion is that she will wear something very chic and elegant like the gowns I chose for the collage combined with some nice but minimal jewellery (diamond earrings or a necklace).

Amanda Seyfried

Even though she is not nominated for her role in Les Miserables, she is still the one that I'm very excited to see walking the red carpet. Her style is very simple but pretty. I think this is the best description :) In my opinion she'll probably wear something very sophisticated, soft pink or purple colour with beading details like this Emilio Pucci spring 2013 dress or Elie Saab spring 2013 couture. She will complement that with some nice jewellery and simple wavy hairstyle like the one in the picture. 

Jennifer Lawrence 

She is the newcomer that everybody talks about. She's only 22 years old but she has already been nominated before for an Oscar. Her role in Silver Linings Playbook is simply remarkable. She is a true star. I still didn't figure out her style. She wear very simple but sexy dresses. That's why I decided for a more daring red dress from Zuahir Murad which would suit her very well. However because she wore the same style of the dress last year I think she'll go for a more sophisticated princes-like dress like this Marchesa Spring 2013. 

Jessica Chastain

Another great actress that has been nominated for the Oscar before. She is nominated for her role in the movie Zero Dark Thirty. Her dress choice are always out there :) very edgy but still very elegant. I thinks she uses old Hollywood inspiration in her style so I thinks she'll surprise all of us this year with her choice of a dress. I think she'll choose a red fitting dress that is always a bold choice especially on the RED carpet :) 

Anyway this are just my predictions. I think all of them will look gorgeous on the biggest night of their career. Hope you liked my post. Talk to you soon. 
Till then XOXO

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  1. I totally agree with you. I can already see Anne in Dior <3

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  5. Nice predictions! I hope they come true. :)

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  12. Amanda Seyfried would look soooo beautiful in that Ellie Saab dress *-* would be a perfect fit! great post btw!

  13. I am ALL about Anne for the win! If her rendition of I dreamed a dream doesn't make you weep like a baby, you're dead inside! I cry every time I even think about it- she's DEFINITELY going for gold! You're right on honey!

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  16. i love the dresses you chose for amanda and the ones you chose for anne fit her dress style perfectly. though she's seems to be someone that likes to take people by surprise :)

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  35. I love this! You should do a comparison after the Oscars, I'd love to see how your predictions work out!

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