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Beautiful Blogger Award

Hi Dolls. This is a lovely surprise. I got nominated for another award past week and it's for Beautiful Bloggers and I was nominated by: The Girl in the Yellow Dress. Check her out, she is amazing :) Anyway now I have to share 7 random facts about me and nominate other blogs for the same award. So let's get started:

1. I'm afraid of spiders. Not just the big ones, I'm also scared of the tiniest ones. I always freak out when I see a spider, so at that time is not good to be around me.
2. I'm the biggest movie lover. I watch everything, from comedies to horror movies. That's is why I can't wait to see the Oscars this year.
3. The first thing I do in a foreign country is to go to Starbucks. Literally the first thing I see is coffee :) It's because we don't have Starbucks here, and that makes me so sad.
4. I'm obsessed with Primark. Every time I go to England is Primark the place where I spend most of my time (or River Island).
5. I hate yellow and orange colour. I always have and always will. Just not my cup of tea. Sorry.
6. I used to hate military style until this season. And now I literally wear it every week.
7. My guilty pleasure: One direction. I have to confess, I just love them. They are adorable and their songs always get me in a better mood.

So this is it, hope you liked it. 

I now nominate: 

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  1. Hey! Your blog is awesome and you have beautiful pictures!
    Would you like to follow eachother? just let me know :)

    xoxo ♥

  2. I am a Starbucks obsessive person too ;)
    And I used to hate yellow when I was younger but nowadays it's Ok. Orange is still a bit tricky ;D
    xo, L

  3. Congratulations.


  4. having an award means that bloggers are recognizing your existence in blog. that's overwhelming for me. congratulations!

  5. Congratulations for the award!!

    Your blog is lovely!

    Follow each other?


  6. Thank you a lot for the award *-*
    Your blog is amazing :*

  7. You've got a great Blog.

    Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know ;)

    Kisses from UK :*

  8. Gracias por tu comentario y visita a mi blog.
    Te sigo.

  9. I love your blog! I would appreciate it if you follow me <3
    Sassy Styled Angel

  10. Congratulations. How nice!
    Hey, I love Michael Kors as you do... Great blog. I'm following you as a fan now... If you wish, follow me back... at Thanks a lot

  11. Hi! Thanks for visit my blog .Of course I follow you and invite you to visit my blog!

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  12. Felicidades! Te sigo! un beso

  13. Congrats on your nomination and thanks for visiting my blog. yes I am all for following each other I am now following via GFC. I like what I see on your blog lots of beautiful stuff, :)

  14. congrats!!!!
    I understand what happens to you with spiders, I think they are always so big...

  15. Concrats ;)
    Miky <3

  16. Congrats!
    Great blog!!

    Wondering if you would like to follow each other? :)
    Please let me know!

  17. Te sigo...

    Feliz finde desde españa

  18. thank You for your nice comment :-) Great Blog and yes i would like to follow each other!

  19. Thank fpr your comment on my blog! I would like to follow each other :)

  20. Nice Blog :-) i follow you :-)

  21. wow congrats primark is the best your beatiful im following check my blog you and comment and follow back ?x :)

  22. Thank you for your nice comment. I'm your newest follower right now. I hope you follow back.

    You have a nice blog, I like it


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