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Musicians as fashion icons

Hi Dolls. If you come from Europe you probably know Eurovision Song Contest. If not, it's a singing competition where countries from all over the Europe send their best performers with a song, which best represents them. It's divided into 3 different events: 1st, 2nd semi-final and the grand finale. Yesterday was the 1st semi-final with our representative Hannah Mancini. Sadly we didn't qualify to the finale I'm still so proud of her. She was singing a song she co-wrote called Straight into love, a mixture of dance/house and dub step. As I was watching her performance the first thing I noticed was her amazing outfit from JSP (Jelena Proković, a serbian designer living in Slovenia). She complemented her music style completely and I was really impressed. Mixing leather, with "feathers" and metal accessories is in my opinion the best choice for her genre. As I mentioned before her outfit really fascinated me and I came up with the idea of doing a post about Musicians as fashion icons - do they dress like their music genre or completely opposite. I will show you some examples from last nights semi final and my favourite icons right now. So let's begin.

1. Typical ballad singers

I noticed that most ballad singers decide to wear white, something simple but that really complements the calmness of the song. The perfect examples were last night Ukraine (Gravity) and Estonia (Et uus saaks alguse). Yes they are both gorgeous outfits, but I'm kind bored with Estonian dress. It's has been seen so many times before, it's typical for this competition. However I have to say that I loved the Ukrainian dress, but I would just fire her sewer or stylist, because the dress just does not fit properly. The bust area was too lose and the same goes for her hips. All in all, they did make the best decision for their genre.

2. Bohemian inspired 
Danish singer was singing a very interesting sons, very different and it has a melancholic feeling to it. And her dress definitely complemented her song very well. She wore a loose dress, with an arm bracelet, messy hair. Perfect for Only Teardrops :) 

3. Edgy, trendy, powerful. 
Those three words I think are the best to describe Hannah's outfit. She just looked amazing. Jelena did an amazing job. The same goes for her dancers as well. She definitely proves that you don't have to wear a dress to look amazing. 

4. Not everyone did such a good job. 
Well we won't just compliment today, we also have to express some criticism. The ones that really disappointed me last night were Austria and Holland. Natalia from Austria looked like she was going shopping or not even that. I was completely disappointed with her choice. It was too simple, nothing special, not memorable. She had a very nice and powerful song with a great message but the only thing I could think of while watching her performance was: what was she thinking. And her backing vocals . don't get me started on that. Horrible. And that's a pity. The same goes for Anouk. I have to admit she has a great voice and a lovely song, and I get she is going for a casual look, but you can do so much better than that. You can amazing and still go along with the style of music. *I also wanted to post about Serbia, but I just cannot find anything that I like with their outfits or their performance. Sorry.

5. And now my favourites. 
Rihanna of course. I think I posted about here too much already, but I just can't help myself. She is the perfect example of mixture of music and fashion. Her songs are edgy, really out there, very catchy etc. And her style. Oh, don't know where to start. She is the one that pushes the envelope as far as it gets, she is always doing something different, very fashion forward. She was the first one to adopt that street style that is so popular right now. And the famous Kenzo tiger sweater - she was one the firsts. I always love to look at her style, catching some new ideas. But I think she is the only one in the music industry right now that can pull this kind of look off. #justsayin

Florence Welch: love her music and style. They go together so well. She is quirky, different, original, not afraid to be herself. And her music is pure perfection. This is the kind of artist that I like. She doesn't have the "two personalities": the stage one and then her real life. She is the same all the time. And her red hair make her look so nice and bold and everything. Love her. #pureperfection

And what do you think about music and fashion together? Who is your fashion icon? Let me know by commenting below. 

Talk to you soon 

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  1. Muchos nos inspiran! besos

  2. I just love Florence Welch Style. Very nice post.


  3. Music and fashion go perfect together, at least they used to.


  4. Men je bila obleka od Ukrajinke ful lepa. Pa makeup božanski.

    Avstrija je imela lep outfit, samo malo preveč preprost, ja.

  5. I watched the Eurovision Semi Final and I agree with your picks!


  6. Rihanna just suits that edgy look perfectly, xoxo.

  7. Ijoj, sama sem imela enake misli, ko sem videla Avstrijo=)

  8. love your blog

  9. Nice post... I like Rihanna style, too :) Check out my last blog post... and what do you think... do you wanna follow each other?

  10. nice post ;)
    Rihanna <3

  11. Rihanna ima res dober stil... Marsikatera zvezdnica bi se lahko zgledovala po njej :)

  12. rihanna has a very special style and i love it but it's not my style!
    i like this post it's very interesting :)

    on the eurovision song contest nobody sang very very good, i think danmark deserved to win but i think nobody had a very good outfit and the worst outfit had germany ! :D

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    We ll be in touch!

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