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Workout Wednesday: Running

Hi Dolls. Sorry for my late posting, but I was kinda busy. Sorry. 
So continuing my series: it's time for Workout Wednesday. I'm going to tell you about some changes in my lifestyle. I now decided to start running again, because it's such a beautiful weather in the summer. And running is definitely my favourite type of workout. You can relax and enjoy your thoughts, while doing something that is good for your body. So I recommend this to all of you. You can also add healthy lifestyle and you can definitely forget about the diets that never work. I now try to eat more healthy. I make smoothies for breakfast, try to eat more vegetables for lunch and have a really light dinner. Also don't forget about diversity. There are lots of different types of food that are good for you. Smaller portions, healthy eating and working out is great for your body. I think that many of you will agree with me that, these things are keys to success. 

The "scenery" where I love to run. But it's a bit dark, because I like to run at the evenings, when is much more peaceful. 

What kind of workout do you prefer? Let me know by commenting below. 

Talk to you soon. Till then XOXO
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Tuesday tips: How to travel fashionably

Hi Dolls. It's Tuesday and you now what that means ...  It's time for Tuesday tips. Today I'm going to talk about how to stay fashionable while travelling, because it's summer and we all eventually go on vacations, so I think this would be useful for all of us. While I love travelling and seeing the world, I can’t say that I like the dozens of red-eye flights and security checks that I deal with when flying somewhere. To make travelling as easy as possible, I like to keep my look simple and smart, because there are so many things you can do to cut down on potential security screenings and make the act of traveling more comfortable. 

1. Keep your outfit as simple as possible. Wear something black, because you can never go wrong with black, and pair it with one complimentary colour like emerald green, beige, burgundy ...
2. Minimize your jewellery. Jewellery is like a magnet for security. You will spend so much more time at the security check because of that, and it really isn't that important to go through all that trouble for. If you think that your outfit is too plain, layer up with scarves, blazers or flannel shirts for example. 
3. Dress comfortably. Use leggings, jeggings, basic tees, sneakers. Fashion right now is all about sports wear so turn it to your advantage. There's nothing better than feeling comfortable while travelling. 
4. Wear socks. This sounds weird but it's true. It gets really cold on a plane so be prepared. And is there anything worse than forgetting to pack socks and then having to tiptoe through the security line with bare feet? I think not…
5. Change heels for wedge sneakers. If you are more on the short side like I'm and you just don't want to get rid of your heels for travelling, use a more comfortable option and choose wedge sneakers. They'll give you both height and comfort. 

So these are some of my tips for fashionable travelling.
What is your favourite travelling outfit? Let me know by commenting below.

Talk to you soon. Till then XOXO

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Maybelline New York Colorama

Hi Dolls. It's Monday and you know what that means: it Mani time. Yes, this is the first posts about a nail polish on this site so don't judge :) I'm still getting the grip of everything so I should be fine in a couple of posts. The first nail polish I tried out was Maybelline's Colorama in this really beautiful coral colour (and don't know the name, because I couldn't find it on the product).
Have to say that this is a really pretty colour for summer, but this definitely is not my favourite nail polish. It chipped literally 2 hours after I applied it, and I did the top coat. 
I mean you get what you pay for. It is really cheap, around 2 euros in Slovenia. 
After all being said I give this product 3 stars because of the colour and the price :) 

Talk to you soon. Till then XOXO
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Changes coming in our way

Hi Dolls. Exactly two years ago I decided to create my own blog called Blush. So Happy Birthday to Blush :) I came a really long way since the beginning and I'm so proud of everything that I have accomplished so far. My style, writing, taking photos and making movies; everything has changed throughout the 2 years, and I'm really proud of my development. So new exciting news is coming in your way. I decided to do something new on my blog in the whole summer spirit and the 2 year celebration. So what I'm going to do is to do daily posts, which are divided into different topics:

Mascara Monday or Monday Mani (every week it will be different)

Tuesday Tips

Workout Wednesday (and everything connected with it: food, fitness, diets ...)

Thursday Ten (favorites, ideas, wish lists ...)

Friday Favorites

So if you have any requests about which topic I should do first just leave your comments below. 
Talk to you soon.

Till then XOXO

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My trip to Italy

Hi Dolls. In case you didn't notice I was away for a couple of days so I wasn't able to post anything new. I went on a 3 day trip to Italy: Florence, Rome, Pompeii and Naples. I had so much fun. Even though it wasn't that long I was able to see so many amazing sights. That's why I decided to make another video about my trip and I posted it on youtube so that you can check it out. You can see it right here. I also prepared some pictures from you that I have taken while visiting Italy. 

That's it for today. I'll post more interesting things soon. Till then XOXO

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