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Changes coming in our way

Hi Dolls. Exactly two years ago I decided to create my own blog called Blush. So Happy Birthday to Blush :) I came a really long way since the beginning and I'm so proud of everything that I have accomplished so far. My style, writing, taking photos and making movies; everything has changed throughout the 2 years, and I'm really proud of my development. So new exciting news is coming in your way. I decided to do something new on my blog in the whole summer spirit and the 2 year celebration. So what I'm going to do is to do daily posts, which are divided into different topics:

Mascara Monday or Monday Mani (every week it will be different)

Tuesday Tips

Workout Wednesday (and everything connected with it: food, fitness, diets ...)

Thursday Ten (favorites, ideas, wish lists ...)

Friday Favorites

So if you have any requests about which topic I should do first just leave your comments below. 
Talk to you soon.

Till then XOXO

10 komentarjev

  1. Congrats! I´m impressed two years for a blog is a very long time <3 And I like your new idea and I´m looking forward with great interest to your next posts :)

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

  2. love the essie polishes
    happy day

    NEW POST!!!

  3. Congrats and looking forward to reading all the topics :)

  4. Congrats and happy birthday to you or rather our blog :-) .. What do you think about my yellow wedding dress in my current post? Kisses from Vienna,


    1. thank you :) the dress is gorgeous. you looked really beautiful :)

  5. Uuu, čestitam :D Tvoji videi in outfiti so meni top. Ne pozabi na to (:


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