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Workout Wednesday: Running and Yoga

Hi Dolls. I'm back with another Workout Wednesday. In my last post I told you all about my love for running, which of course will continue today with a little addition to my workout, Yoga. My cousin introduced me to it and it is one of my favourite types of workout ever. I love how you can keep good posture, stay fit and flexible all at the same time. And it doesn't even exhaust you that much which is a key point with me :) My workout consists of some short warming up (running) and then I do about 20 minutes of yoga. I started with shorter workouts but will definitely continue to add more time every week. 
I also decided that I will after my "trial"pursue it and start a class as soon as I go back to school in September. Till then I will use some great tips from the Youtube videos that I found. 

And what about you. Do you like Yoga? Let me know by commenting below.

Talk to you soon. Till then XOXO
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Golden sun

Hi Dolls. So for today I have prepared another more artistic photos which I love so much. The thought behind these photos is actually a quote that is definitely one of my favourites: 

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.

Coco Chanel 

Short and sweet. Hope you liked today's post. If you did make sure you leave a comment below. Talk to you soon. Till then XOXO

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We can do it

Hi Dolls. Today's photos were inspired by the pin up girls during the 2nd world war, who promoted the slogan: We can do it. I always love to dress like this, because it's really fun and also very "in" at the moment. I'm wearing H&M dress (used as a top), TopShop denim, circle skirt, Startar shoes and vintage belt and headband. 
Oh and excuse my sunburn, because I realised that I had it after a long swim in a pool. 
A little bit to late :) 

What do you think about the pin up girls and these photos? Let me know by commenting below.

Talk to you soon. Till then XOXO

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Hi Dolls. So yesterday was my 18th birthday so I didn't post anything. I had so much fun hanging out with my friends and family. I also received many amazing gifts which I'm so grateful for. :) 
Todays photos were taken while I was on vacation, where I found this amazing scenery. I really like them, because they're casual just like I was feeling at that moment. 

I'm wearing TopShop crop top, Pull&Bear high-waisted short, Zara jacket and Startar shoes. 

So this is it for today. Hope you like the photos. Talk to you soon, till then XOXO

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The black dress

Hi Dolls. I have wished to have some really artistic photos taken for such a long time and now my wish has finally come true. You know that pictures speak louder than words, so I'm really gonna keep it short. These gorgeous photos were again taken by Klemen, so big props to him. There wasn't a specific theme for the photo shoot, we just tried to be as artistic as possible. 
 I'm wearing a black maxi dress from ZARA which I'm just in love. 

I also made a video called black and white while taking photos so check it out: black&white
Let me know what you think about the photos in the comments below. 

Talk to you soon. Till then XOXO

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here comes the sun

Hi Dolls. I'm finally back form my family vacay and I feel so relaxed and inspired to do many new posts. Exactly a year ago I made this posts that apparently many of you liked. It was inspired by fairytales. It was a magical, sunny and really pretty post. And because I liked filming it so much I decided to another this year, because I really did change a lot since the last time. It was shot while staying at the spa, on a really really hot day :) Credits of course go to my great photographer Klemen who took this amazing photos. 
I'm really excited for all of you to see this photos because I think they were the first ones without and photoshop, pixlr or picasa changes. They came from the camera looking like this :) 
I hope you like them as much as I do and leave a comment below what do you think about them. 

And also tell me what your favourite fairytale is.

Talk to you soon. Till then XOXO

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