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We can do it

Hi Dolls. Today's photos were inspired by the pin up girls during the 2nd world war, who promoted the slogan: We can do it. I always love to dress like this, because it's really fun and also very "in" at the moment. I'm wearing H&M dress (used as a top), TopShop denim, circle skirt, Startar shoes and vintage belt and headband. 
Oh and excuse my sunburn, because I realised that I had it after a long swim in a pool. 
A little bit to late :) 

What do you think about the pin up girls and these photos? Let me know by commenting below.

Talk to you soon. Till then XOXO

6 komentarjev

  1. great pictures and great combination ;) very Cool ;)

  2. LOVE this post <3 you look awesome girl

    Alexa <3

  3. ha ha fajne 2 foto;p

    i stylówka jak najbardziej spoko:)



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