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Hi Dolls. This weekend was a working one, but I don't mind that. I have been resting for way too long now. 
Have I mentioned how much I love the autumn? It got pretty cold here, yay finally, and now wearing big jackets, coats and scarves is my absolute favourite thing to do. This just makes me happy, don't know why. I think autumn is my favourite time of the year. By far. It does't get any better than that. Until the Christmas :) 
I finally went to see the 30th Bienale of Graphic Art, but I wasn't really impressed with the works they showed. They were very ordinary and simple, not really intriguing. Probably because I have expected way much more than they displayed. 
Even though the exhibition wasn't really what I have expected, I had a really fun afternoon. 
Now I have to get back to my school work. Talk to you soon.


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  1. I love autumn too, the only problem is that winter is coming. Sooner than you know.



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