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So I am changing myself.

First of all let me apologise to you for not blogging so much lately. As you can see things have changed a bit, as I promised you back in January. 
I finally decided to completely change the look of my blog. I realised that I have changed quite a bit since 2011 and we all know it was time to update some things. Now I feel like I can really present myself and my blog the way I want it to. 
Second to that I wanted to update you a bit on a more personal level. Even though its only March I have already made some trips this year. I went to London in February and to Slovakia earlier this month.
Regarding the trip to London - I really wanted to share my news you with for such a long time, but I did not know if I would be accepted or not. And now is really happening. I mentioned you before that I was thinking of studying abroad, more specifically in London. I applied to University of the Arts London to study Fashion Styling and Production and got accepted. I am so thrilled about the acceptance but on the other hand very anxious, because now I have to make a big decision - to leave everything here and go study in London or to stay here? I know that I will decide in the next couple of weeks so I will let you know my decision. However let me reassure you that my decision will not affect my blogging in any way. Of course. 
In two weeks I am also going to Rome and Florence for a week and I am already so excited. After that I will take my finals and finish high school. 

So as you can see there have been some major changes and a lot has happened since my last post. This year has been great for me so far, but there are still so many things that I have on my "to do" list. 

Talk to you soon. 


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