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Yesterday was my prom. I have been looking forward till this day for a very long time and when it finally came I was very excited. I decided to wear something very on trend and not typical for prom, because I don't feel like a girl who would wear sparkles and wavy hair at all. My inspiration was Kim Kardashian, because she wore this kind of style many times in 2014 and looked amazing in it. 
I wore a midi skirt from Guess by Marciano, crop top from Zara, shoes from Top Shop and Swarovski earrings. I had a very hard time finding the right crop top for this skirt so in the end I had to transform a normal top from Zara into skirt-matching crop top. I did my make-up by myself using some great Mac, Nars and Urban Decay products. I decided to wear my hair in a sleek low ponytail, because I have seen this hairstyle on many recent runway shows and it's still sophisticated enough to wear it to a formal event.
All in all I had so much fun dancing, chatting with my friends, eating great food and just enjoying the moment with my family. 

Talk to you soon.


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When in Florence

Hi Dolls. I am back from another trip. In the beginning of April I went to Florence, which is one of my favourite places to travel to. I just love this "little" town, placed in Tuscany, filled with excellent food and culture. I really had a lot of fun exploring the city and the museums, drinking coffee in little cafes on the street, buying souvenirs etc. 

This week is a crazy one, because in 2 days its my prom and then my final exams start. So fingers crossed I make it out alive :) 

PS: Thank you all for your support and amazing comments you posted on my last post. It really means a lot to me to hear that some people really do believe in me. Thanks again :) xx

Talk to you soon.

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