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When in Florence

Hi Dolls. I am back from another trip. In the beginning of April I went to Florence, which is one of my favourite places to travel to. I just love this "little" town, placed in Tuscany, filled with excellent food and culture. I really had a lot of fun exploring the city and the museums, drinking coffee in little cafes on the street, buying souvenirs etc. 

This week is a crazy one, because in 2 days its my prom and then my final exams start. So fingers crossed I make it out alive :) 

PS: Thank you all for your support and amazing comments you posted on my last post. It really means a lot to me to hear that some people really do believe in me. Thanks again :) xx

Talk to you soon.


9 komentarjev

  1. moja destinacija septembra! :D

  2. Božanske fotke. Pa zdaj ko so še večje resolucije. Se mi zdi kot da sem tam (:

  3. pretty nice blog, following :)

  4. Čudovito!!!!
    Stiskam pesti in.... verjamem, da ti uspe!

  5. Beautiful pictures, I want to travel so bad!!!


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