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I'm back after almost two months. I have missed blogging. I really have. I somehow just needed some time to think and process everything. Everybody takes a break at some point in their lives. I just needed a break to refocus. I realised that I have to keep my mind on the things I really enjoy and put my best effort into everything I do. And blogging is definitely one of the main things that keep me going.

A quick update: In July I visited Canada for the first time. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Getting to know new people, culture, traditions, seeing beautiful nature and sharing all of that with my friends was just what I needed after my finals. I have met the nicest people and had the most amazing time. I'm definitely going back there someday.
I also visited England again. I have visited London, Nottingham, Ely, Cambridge and Birmingham, which clearly means I wasn't bored at all. England has always had a special place in my life and that will never change.
I also made different trips around Slovenia, Italy and Austria. I shared new experiences with my family while discovering new and revisiting old places. Definitely spending some quality family time  these holidays :)

Now I'm back, more focused than ever. Hope you enjoy little something I have prepared for you.

Talk to you soon (this time I mean it for real). xoxo


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