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How to shop on a budget

Living and shopping on a budget is a thing that almost every student has to do. Sometimes it's really hard to do so, because for every season you have to but new, trendy things, which can cost a lot of money. Especially if you are a fashion blogger. That's why I prepared some tips for you, which you can include in your daily life. 

1. Invest in basic/timeless things. 
Everyone loves to treat themselves once in a while with a new, more expensive piece of clothing. Designer clothes can cost A LOT of money and not many of us can afford to but them all the time.  I suggest investing in more basic/timeless piece: little black dress, black pumps, a blazer, a trench coat, a handbag etc. You will have them in your wardrobe forever and you can wear the literally with every look.

2. The second one goes well with the first one. While basic things are a good thing to invest, trendy clothes are not. Buy them at hight street shops for vey good prices. Because you won't feel that guilty not wearing them next season. Trust me :)
My favourite shops are Zara, H&M, Forever 21, TopShop etc. 

3. Build your wardrobe carefully and slowly. 
You have to take your time while building your wardrobe. I'm still doing that and will probably do for a long time. Don't just throw what you don't like or think you can't wear it anymore. Try to come up with new ways to wear it.
There are 10 things every woman should own: a trench coat, little black dress, classic white shirt, black dress pants, a perfect pair of jeans, day dress, any occasion tops, a pencil skirt, leather jacket and a basic blazer. Try to start with these items and then continue with more colourful/funky pieces. 

4. Basics, basics, basics. 
You will appreciate them. For example: take a white shirt, ripped jeans, converse/new balance shoes, a leather jacket, top that with a big hat and voila. You have an outfit. Easy yet still very put together. And you can achieve that with basics. 

5. Online shopping. 
Another way is to try online shopping, which I personally really enjoy. Of course Asos is one of my favourite shops that's no surprise, but sometimes it just gets to expensive for my budget. I recently found an amazing shop that offers good deals for really awesome prices. It is called provides hundreds of dresses for global buyers. On, international buyers can purchase a wide range of products at very low prices. In addition, customers can also enjoy the custom made items, which may be more suitable for you. They offer a quick-and-easy online purchasing process in addition to offering knowledgeable customer service team. Their tried and tested Trust Marketing and Paypal payment processes guarantee a safe and secure purchasing environment. Unlike their competitors, ericdress has truly taken out the hassle of international trade—from product sourcing, secure payment and shipping. Since its founding, ericdress has seen accelerating growth rate in a number of business indicators, including year-to-year gross merchandising value, number of orders, registered buyers and sellers, and listings. You can choose from coats, dresses, shoes, accessories and even wedding apparel.

For autumn I especially like their sweater dresses ( ).

Talk to you soon.

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