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What's in my Rucksack

It's time for a Bag review/what's in my bag or in this case my Rucksack. 

I finally caved in and bought this black rucksack from Top Shop which I have been eying for a couple of months now. Simple shape with rose gold details and just the right size to fit in what you need for a basic day around town or for school. I have been looking for this type of a rucksack for so long. It's such a classic piece that puts any outfit together and I'm so happy that I got it. 

I also decided to show you some little things that I always carry in my bag/rucksack; Beats by Dre headphones with an amazing sound quality (and I always love to listen to music), iPhone 4S, statement sunglasses, purse (this one is from Asos, a planner (Moleskin) and a nude lipstick (Maybelline). 


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  1. Love your post!

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  2. <3333 amazing post !
    love it

  3. nice blog! stop by anytime :)
    xoxo Sienna

  4. I'm impressed, my bag has SO much stuff in it, it's not even funny.
    x Justina //
    ps. I'm trying to up my bloglovin' game - help a girl out?

  5. The sunnies are amazing!!!


  6. Great bag!

    Thanks for your visit,see you soon!



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