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Merry Christmas

 I wish you (and your family) a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015. 
Ignore worries. Avoid tensions. Believe in you intentions. Have no fears.
I hope you will have an amazing year.

See you in 2015. 

Praznična čestitka.
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december 2014


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Out of the Woods

DECEMBER. After A VERY long time we can finally start decorating our houses, buying new fairy lights and christmas trees, choosing the perfect presents for our family and friends, do some baking, go ice-skating, listen to Christmas music etc. Yes Yes Yes. I love this time of the year. Not just because of everything I literally just wrote, but because people are for some unknown reason a LOT nicer this time of the year. It seems that everyone is enjoying themselves and having the best time.
It'a miracle :) And I love it.

 Wearing: Mom Jeans from Topshop, Sweater and rings from H&M, Shoes from NewYorker and Vintage belt.

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Ericdress Winter Coats

After wearing light parkas and leather jackets in the past season it's now time for winter coats, which are by far my favourite winter wardrobe item. They keep you really warm and still complete your chosen outfit. And because it gets really cold in my area I need to invest in a very well made and warm coat.

But choosing a right coat is not an easy task. You have to be really careful about your body type so that you chose something that suits you. You have to be careful about the length, colour, size, fit etc.

I always want to buy statement coats because they make the whole process of choosing an outfit very easy. I want to buy a statement coat which I can wear with pretty much everything. I have been looking for capes, robe coats and really over-sized coats, which are now on trend. My favourite colour to wear has always been black but lately I have been leaning towards more white, off-white, grey and camel colours.  

After weeks of research I found a great selection of coats, which I want to share with you.

With the help of I made a selection of my favourites, but now I need your help. 

Help me choose the best style of coat for me: 

They also offer amazing handbags, which you can wear with your winter coats:) 
I have been really into faux leather handbags with a simple/classic shape and a black&white/pastel colour. 

Which one would you choose? Let me know and help with my decision by commenting below. 

For more coats, handbags and even shoes to incorporate in your outfits check out these links:

Talk to you soon. xx


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