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Dear Future Me

I will be reading this post in January 2016 (which way too far to even think about it) and see how much I had achieved in the past year. These are some of my goals and New Year's resolutions for 2015. New Year is always a good excuse to start fresh and do something new for a change.

1. Move to London and start studies at University of the Arts. 
2. Visit a place you have never been to before. 
3. Start saving more money. 
4. Write on this blog more often. 
5. Learn to unapologetically say no. 
6. Read more. 
7. Pick up your camera more often. Use Instagram more.  
8. Write more, write about everything.
9.  Keep your skin moisturised. 
10. Be patient. Be thankful. 

What are some of your goals for 2015?


6 komentarjev

  1. Super cilji =) Upam da jih uresničiš! Moji pa so povezani predvsem z faxom in pisanjem =)


  2. Oh, lepo!!! Stiskam pesti za uresničitev! Vseh :)
    Pozdravček z vetrom!

  3. Super cilji pa tudi realisticni. :) moji so ne boj se, tvegaj, uzivaj! Pa malo vecje spremljanje blogov in pisanje le teh. :) pa uresniciti, kar sem si zadala lani pa nisem naredila. :))

  4. That is a such a good idea! Love your goals!



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