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Good Morning! 

I'm back from my trip to Switzerland, where I had an amazing time. Switzerland (Vevey, Montreux) is a very beautiful country and a great destination to visit all-year-round. We stayed in a hotel right next to Geneva Lake with a breathtaking view on mountains. It was pure perfection. 
Now, back to the reality, I have so much work to do it's insane.  I really need to organise my plans for the next few weeks and get back to work as soon as possible. 

This post features some pictures from Graz - a trip from a few weeks ago. We only had a few hours to explore the city, but we managed to do everything we planned. 


H&M Jacket and Hat
 Zara T-Shirt 
  Topshop Black Ripped Jeans
   Stan Smith Adidas Trainers 

Photos by: Klemen

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