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Good Morning! Over the weekend I searched through some of my past posts and realised, I haven't posted anything really personal about me in a while. I feel like I don't really share a lot of personal things with you and that you don't really get to know me that well from only reading my beauty / fashion posts. That's why I decided to write 20 (random) facts you may not know about me.

Hope you enjoy!

1. I'm a Leo. This doesn't really mean anything to me, but you can see some character traits like my stubbornness and a need to control everything. 
2. My natural hair colour is light, ashy brown. I dyed it 3 or 4 years ago, and I love the colour I have right now, even though there were some mishaps along the way. 
3. I'm 5'5". Even though I sometimes appear shorter. 
4. I'm a coffee and tea addict. I can't choose because I love them both equally. 
5. My favourite number is 7. I was born on 7th August. So you do the math.
6. I absolutely hate words like goals and squad. They've been used way too often over the past year so I think it's now time to finally stop. 
7. I hate liars. And rude people. 
8. I love to be organised. I like lists. And itineraries. And planning. And crossing off things from my lists. So you see I can be really spontaneous. 
9. My two favourite shows of all time are Friends and Project Runway (but I pretty much binge watched Gossip Girl, How to Get Away with Murder, Gilmore Girls, Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, etc.) 
10. I don't have a favourite actor or movie - there's just too many to choose from. 
11. I love new challenges, starts and renovations. I always love a fresh start and I think I probably do it at least once a year with a variety of things. 
12. I'm obsessed with black, white and grey. If you haven't figured out that by now. 
13. I am really impatient. I want things to be done immediately, which can be both a positive as well as a negative feature. 
14. My favourite day of the week is Thursday. It's a random day, I know, but I love the feeling that the weekend is just around the corner. Fridays are overrated, in my opinion. 
15. I wear contacts / glasses because I have the worst vision ever. 
16. I hardly ever wear earrings. I just find them uncomfortable. So you know that it's a special occasion if I wear them. 
17. The next destination I want to visit is New York. But my favourite city of all time is London. 
18. I spend way too much money on clothes. 
19. My favourite scent is either Si by Giorgio Armani or Black Opium by YSL. 
20. I absolutely love the city life and would never change it for anything else.  

Tell me a (random) fact about you in the comments below. I would love to get to know you better! 

- a

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