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Life on a Budget / Following the latest trends

Living on a budget and trying to follow the latest trends at the same time can present a big problem, not only for us students but also for others, who simply don't have a budget for it. If you want to look chic and fashionable nowadays you literally have to spend a fortune. Especially if you are a fashion blogger. Yet I somehow try to balance my student life with my blog on a rather tight budget. And this is how I do it.
I've mentioned before how I like to shop - I love to "invest" in basic items and then subtly add some trendy pieces that elevate the whole outfit. I don't mind spending a bit more money on timless pieces like coats, white shirts, tailored pants, classic black boots, etc. But if I feel like a piece won't last a few seasons I always find it in the High Street shops.
I absolutely love to shop at stores that offer diverse clothing as well as all the latest trends at very affordable prices. They usually copy the best looks from the runway every season, redesign them and offer at more reasonable prices. Some of my favourite shops are Topshop, H&M, Zara, Bershka, Primark, New Look, Mango and online stores like Asos and SheInside, which offers very trendy and affordable clothes. Most of the items from this post are actually from this site. 
I also love to create different collages and templates on Polyvore. It's an application that offers a great variety of fashion, home and beauty items. You can pick and choose, create different looks and also shop them online - they are all marked with the price and link to the website. I usually like to filter my search by price, because I somehow always find myself unwittingly picking the most expensive designer clothes when creating inspiration templates and collages.
For today's post I decided to put together 3 whole outfits under 150 eur - they all also include outerwear and accessories, which was quite a challenge for me, because the final price can quickly escalate to the 200+ range, especially if you include outerwear. These looks just serve as an idea how you can stay on a budget and look fashionable at the same time.

LOOK 1: 129 eur 

Black Trench 18 eur
Mom Jeans 25 eur
Bag 20 eur
Knit Vest 19 eur
Black Grid Print Shirt 17 eur 
Ankle Boots 30 eur 

LOOK 2: 150 eur

Leather Tank Top 15 eur
Split Front Pencil Skirt 35 eur
Tux Coat 40 eur 
Fringe High Heels 25 eur
Croc-Effect Bag 20 eur 
Havanna Sunglasses 15 eur 

LOOK 3: 119 eur 
Culottes 25 eur
Striped Shirt 15 eur 
Oversized Coat 30 eur
Suede Tassel Loafers 19 eur 
Cross Body Bag 20 eur 
Sunglasses 10 eur 

What are your tips and tricks to shop on a budget and what are your favourite stores to shop in? Let me know by commenting below.


3 komentarji

  1. Me gustan los jeans!

  2. Great selection and inspiration :) Love the sunglasses

  3. You have put together three very chic outfits - on a budget. I like all of them a lot but the first one is closest to what I would normally wear myself.
    I also live on a budget so this was a very inspirational post!

    Have a nice Sunday!
    Hugs <3


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