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Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh


This is my most recent perfume purchase. Even though Daisy is more of a spring / summer scent, I finally decided to buy it. I had this perfume as a sample and had to go out and buy a full size bottle. I love this fragrance and wear it pretty much every day (as you may notice from the picture). It has such a wonderful scent, and there is something so classy and unexpected about it. It's the perfect amount of sweet and floral, but subtle enough no to overpower. Just perfect for me. I also the packaging, which is absolutely gorgeous with a gold top covered in six soft-to-the-touch daisies with petals in white, pink and yellow. The only downside to this perfume is that it wears off quite quickly for the price it has - it is quite expensive (92 $ on Sephora Website and around 72 eur in our drugstores). This is one of my favourite perfumes and if you like floral and sweet scents I would fully recommend! 


To je moj najnovejši "beauty" nakup - Marc Jacobs Daisy parfum. Čeprav velja za bolj pomladno / poletno dišavo, sem se vseeno odločila, da ga kupim, saj sem tester popolnoma izpraznila in bila popolnoma navdušena nad dišavo. Parfum uporabljam prav vsak dan, kot je lahko razvidno iz slike spodaj. Ima zares čudovit, rahlo sladek in cvetličen vonj, ki pa definitivno ni premočen. Je res popolna dišava zame. Verjetno je moj najljubši del prav steklenička z zlatim pokrovom pokritim z belimi, roza in rumenimi marjeticami. Edina slaba stran tega parfuma pa je, da ni tako dolgo obstojen kot ostali parfumi, čeprav ima precej visoko ceno (okrog 72 eur). Zame je še vedno odličen in vam z veseljem priporočam, da ga tudi same preizkusite!


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