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Dear 2016 / My New Year's Resolutions

This is my last proper post for 2015 so now it's definitely time for my New Year's goals I want to achieve in 2016. In general I like to keep them quite realistic, because that's the only way I won't feel disappointed by the end of next year - people mostly break their promises by the end of January and I don't want to be a part of that group. So I don't like to emphasise the fact that these are New Year's resolutions, but just some things I want to change or improve in 2016 - it definitely takes off the pressure in that way. These resolutions have already been a part of my daily routine the last few months, so I want to continue with them and also do some upgrading. I hope that when looking back on this post I'll feel like I have accomplished what I've set my mind to. 
What would you like to achieve in 2016? Let me know in the comments below.

1. Stop being sloppy.
2. Learn one new word each day.
3. Move more, at least 10,000 steps a day.
4. Be more grateful.
5. Create a positive attitude. It’s easier to be negative than positive.
6. Sleep more.
7. Post regularly, especially on blog and Instagram - but remember: quality over quantity!

- a

2 komentarja

  1. Lovely post :)
    I want to post regularly, too in 2016.
    I wish you happy holidays.
    xx Katha

  2. Ana, fino in realno :)
    Hja, pri meni jih je kar nekaj, a jih še oblikujem in definiram:)

    Naj bo leto, ki prihaja, polno najlepših trenutkov!


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