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My Wardrobe Staples of 2015

In the beginning of this year I have cleaned out my closet to make a fresh start and start investing in more versatile wardrobe pieces. I actually don't own that many clothes, so I basically love and wear everything that I own. My most worn pieces in 2015 were a basic white shirt, which I love to pair with black ripped jeans or mom jeans, for a sophisticated yet casual look. Besides mom and black ripped jeans I was also obsessed with this year's comeback trend - the dungarees. My favourite outfit featuring the dungarees was with a long sleeved striped shirt, Adidas Stan Smith trainers and a Robe Camel coat. It really has been a year of trainers - you could spot Adidas and Nike trainers everywhere. Definitely one of my favourite 2015 trends, so I really hope it continues as well in 2016. 
I also mentioned in my yesterday's post that 2015 was a year of pencil skirts, which I worn with heels, Chelsea boots, trainers, oversized coats, trench coats, etc. They are very versatile and make your figure look amazing! For the accessories I mainly wore my adored Fedora hat and classic Daniel Wellington watch, which I both featured in many OOTD posts. 

So this are my wardrobe staples of 2015:



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  1. This is such a perfect wardrobe! I really love it.


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