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Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Nude Collection Lipstick in no. 42

Today's review is about the new Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Nude Collection lipsticks from Rimmel. There are 4 different shades and a lip balm in this collection to suit different skin tones and tastes. I absolutely love wearing a nude lipstick on an everyday basis so I was really excited to try this one out. I decided to try out the shade No. 42, because I'm quite pale and I thought it would go great with my skin tone. 

What it claims: British rose or caramel beauty, every girl needs a nude lipstick. Iconic nude, chic nude, trendy nude, rock it like Kate Moss. Go-bare with total confidence and a full-on London attitude. This season's hottest trend is totally chic - sheer, tone-on-tone, natural lip and nails shades to match and compliment every complexion. Beautify your barely-there look with the new iconic Nude Collection by Kate Moss! (on Rimmel official website)

Retail price: £5.49

My experience: I've been a fan of Rimmel lipsticks for years now, and every time there is a new project (collaboration) with Kate Moss, I know we are in for a treat. I especially love their Matte Kate Moss lipstick collection - I own the iconic 107 and a nude shade in 03, and they are both amazing. 
I'm a really big fan of the Rimmel lipstick formulation. It's really creamy, opaque and comfortable on the lips with subtle sweet scent. The shades in this collection are all very wearable and look lovely on every skin tone. Each lipstick gives a satin finish to the lips with a good amount of colour payoff. If you have a fair skin tone like me, then you should avoid nudes which contain too much yellow, because they tend to wash you out. Choose a nude which has a slightly more pink hue, like this one I've tried out (No 42). It's a bit darker than 40, which in my opinion isn't very wearable, because it's very light. So if you are pale like me then is shade in 42 perfect for your complexion!
Also do bear in mind that these lipsticks aren't particularly long-lasting, so be prepared to reapply it after 2-3 hours (which is still great for a drugstore lipstick). All in all this is a great lipstick and I'll be definitely buying it again! 

Have you tried out any of the Rimmel lipsticks? Let me know in the comments below.


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