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Review: L'Oreal Paris Infallible Mega Gloss Collection

Today's review is about the new Infallible Mega Gloss collection from L'Oreal Paris. This collection offers a wide range of different finishes and shades to suit everyone's tastes. You can choose from cream, matte, neon, dazzle and xtreme finish. The formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid and shine colour pigments, leaving lips hydrated with a high level of shine (according to L'Oreal Paris official website).
This collection is refreshingly different - the formula is thick in consistency, yet feels light weight on the lips and is very comfortable, easy to wear. Lip glosses have a slight fruity smell, which I love, because it's so different from the vanilla/sugary scent they always use. I also absolutely adore the wand applicator because it gives you the perfect control to apply the colour. One side applies the right amount of product, while the other is perfect for shaping and defining. This wand is very similar, maybe a complete dupe for the YSL Gloss Volupte, which isn’t surprising at all, as we all know that YSL and L’Oreal are owned by the same company.

I have chosen 2 cream formulas and 1 matte formula (I'm not really a fan of the glitters):

102 Scream and Shout - perfect everyday, coral colour, lovely to wear on it's own. Sometimes I also like to use it to layer my Mac Shy Girl lipstick and make it look even glossier.
103 Protest Queen - lovely pale, very nude colour, which I usually use to top off my Mac Patisserie lipstick.
407 Smoke Me Up - absolutely love this one, because it's the perfect combination of shiny and matte formula. It won't dry out your lips, is very comfortable to wear and also long-lasting.

They retail for 8,49 Eur.

I absolutely adore these lip glosses. They are opaque enough to wear them on their own or you can use them to top off your lipstick. I love all the purchased shades, but my favourite has to be 407 Smoke Me Up. Even though it's a lip gloss, it has a matte finish. As I've mentioned before I love this combination, because I feel like all my dark matte lipsticks (I already own) really dry out my lips, while this one doesn't do that. It keeps my lips feel hydrated, while providing a fully opaque consistency.
They all feel great, very buttery with absolutely no stickiness. All you need to do is choose the finish that suits you! I would fully recommend them to you!


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  1. Krasni so <3 Jst imam 110 I got the power in ga obožujem -ima pa vonj po vaniliji :D

    1. Meni so res super! Zgleda da se vonji razlikujejo po odtenkih :)

  2. oh li adoro, che belle le tinte!


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