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25 facts about me

Just like everyone else I can be quite a noisy person, that's why I really like reading new facts about people that I either follow on social media or know in everyday life. I've posted "facts about me" blog post only once before, back in 2015, so I thought that it was finally time for another, updated version. Here are my new 25 facts about me:

1. I don't like talking on the phone - so better text me!
2. The sun instantly makes me happy and rain instantly gets me down.
3. But I love listening to the rain.
4. When I'm hungry, I can get really grumpy.
5. I love road trips. Travelling and discovering new places really excites me.
6. I love Art History!
7. I'm obsessed with Chloe handbags at the moment - they are literally everywhere.
8. I can be really competitive, which I personally consider as an advantage.
9. I don't like to go on hikes, even though I live in Slovenia, which is pretty much covered with hills and mountains.
10. I suffer from RBF. People seriously think that I'm upset and angry all the time :)
11. My favourite shoes are my Adidas Stan Smith trainers.
12. I hate talking when I've just woken up. I love to eat my breakfast and drink coffee in peace and quiet.
13. I actually don't own that many clothes.
14. I don't like brushing my teeth before eating food, because it completely ruins the taste.
15. My all time favourite lipstick is Patisserie by Mac.
16. I hate washing makeup brushes. But I think every makeup lover can relate.
17. I'm completely self-taught when it comes to makeup. I learned everything by testing different products, routines and watching online tutorials.
18. I'm obsessed with Instagram.
19. I own way too many cheek products.
20. I always find my style inspiration clicking through New York Street Style's photos or Instagram.
21. I'm a big movie fan, so I have to admit that I was literally crying when Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar. And during Gaga's performance. But I mean, who didn't :)
22. My dream place to visit is New York.
23. Music ALWAYS cheers me up. So I keep my "feel-good music" playlist constantly updated. 
24. My favourite colour is black, or maybe grey. My wardrobe is pretty much monochromatic. 
25. My dream job is to work as a creative director. It combines both the knowledge of visual communications as well as creativity. I definitely would never be bored at work.

Photo by: Zan Zelic 


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  1. I love these kind of posts because they allow us to better know who is on that side. I was happy to get to know better and to see that we have things in common.

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  2. Maham... in stiskam pesti za tvoje sanjsko delo. Potem boš še vedno ti:)

  3. Me gusta la chaqueta!

  4. Super objava zanimiva. Se pa strinjam z 2,3,12,14 in pri 16 se verjetno res vsi strinjajo s tabo, ravno včeraj sem jih prala in jim ni bilo konca. :)


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