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My Ljubljana Fashion Week Experience

Ljubljana Fashion Week (LJFW) is, just like any other fashion week around the world, the biggest fashion event in Slovenia. I had the opportunity to attend the 3rd day of #LJFW filled with amazing collections from Maja Štamol, Young@Squat, Dejan Popovic, Sanija Reja Aske, Svetlana Jaćović, Nioka and Sofia Nogard. When I got back from work, I immediately started getting ready. From hair and makeup preparation I was of course in a bit of a rush because I wanted to film my outfit before actually going to the shows. After a quick photoshoot, we attended the shows, which were amazing. I loved all the designs, especially those from Young@Squat, which were my favourite of the night. 
Now for my LJFW outfit - I decided to wear my new black Zara culottes, which, to be honest, I never really liked until this season. Before trying them on in the store, I thought they would look very unflattering on my figure, but when paired with the right footwear, they look absolutely amazing and make any outfit look sophisticated and fashionable. I was definitely sceptical at first, but I was proven wrong and I am so glad that I've purchased them! They are definitely going to be my favourite, key wardrobe piece of spring and summer. If you are still in doubt or afraid of wearing them, just go to the shops and try them on. You'll be surprised how flattering and comfortable they are actually on. Anyway, I paired the culottes with a simple crop top from Zara, a suede waistcoat to add another, different texture to the outfit (also from Zara), my favourite white heels from Topshop and finished everything off with a House Doctor black&white bag.
It was a day filled with surprises (a lovely man offered to pay our very expensive parking fee for no special reason + a very strange but sweet compliment we were given from another lovely man on the way to the shows) and memorable experiences. I hope to do that all over again next season!

Zara Cullotes

Zara Suede Waistcoat

Zara Crop Top

Topshop White Heels 

House Doctor Bag 

Photos: Zan Zelic 


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