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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana / Day 1

A day finished with a surprise. 

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has officially started here in Ljubljana. Day 1 was focused around Marjeta Grošelj, marking her 50th anniversary working in the fashion industry, with an exhibition of her beautiful and unique bags. Her bags have been on my wishlist for a very long time and seeing them in person made me want one even more now.
It was an extremely hot and sunny day, so I'm glad that I wore a light outfit. Because it was the opening night I decided to wear something different for a change, so I went for my favourite trend this season - an all white look. Which is, to be honest, a difficult trend to wear and maintain, especially if you are wearing a full face of makeup and trying to put on the shirt as smoothly as possible. I also added a red clutch with a tassel, which in the end resulted in me looking like a Japan flag, but I didn't mind that at all. Because I was wearing all white my only job for the night was to keep my outfit stain-proof, and I of course failed at it. As the evening progressed and the opening ceremony was finished, we decided to go for a drink outside the venue, which resulted in a surprisingly (and in general totally unexpected!) high bill and a black stain on my white pants. Oh well! I guess my mission wasn't as successful as I wanted it to be. We obviously then decided to call it a night. Nevertheless, I am so excited that fashion week is finally here and I'm already getting ready for Day 2! 

Photos: Zan Zelic 


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