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21 things for 21

Today is a somewhat special day here on this blog because we are celebrating 5 years of Blush and my 21st birthday. Even though I've been writing my blog for literally half a decade (wow), I still feel like the best things and projects are yet to come. I started Blush as a personal diary, as something to look back on in a few years time, but it has become so much more than that. Now it represents a huge part of my life and I hope it will stay the same in the future.
I turned 21 on August 7th, so this post is coming to you guys a little late, but I hope you enjoy anyway! So here are 21 things for 21 (things I've learned so far):

Coffee is the gift from the heavens.
Every time you have an opportunity to travel take it, because you can find something interesting in literally every city.
Get the best possible education because the one thing that no one can ever take away from you is your knowledge.
Not everyone is going to like you. So don't feel like you need to impress everyone. The only person you need to impress is yourself.
Not all criticism is bad. 
Step out of your comfort zone. It makes you grow.
Always make time for your friends.
Believe in yourself and believe in something that will keep you going.
Take time for yourself.
Also, choose sleep.
Being alone doesn't mean that you're lonely.
Start being inspired by the people that actually made a difference in this world (and not just some random celebrities).
Don't define yourself by numbers.
Hard work pays off.
Remembering that you can't fix or change someone else is important.  
Listen to your mom because she's right.
Get up early and be productive.
Sometimes you just need to put yourself first.
Rejection is something that you should not fear but simply accept it.
Wear colourful things. Especially this autumn!
Drink water!

Pimkie Black Top
Mango White Wide Leg Trousers 
Topshop Jacket and Heels 
Zara Choker 


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  1. Ana, happy, happy 21.
    Ujemi vse drobne trenutke in velike dogodke, nova poznanstva, raziskuj, potuj... BODI SREČNA.


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