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Style Tips / Defining your Personal Style

For me style comes from confidence and being comfortable in what you choose to wear. It's easy to just blindly follow the trends which are recommended to you by the magazines and bloggers, but if you're not comfortable in what you wear + the clothes don't fit your own personal aesthetic that will show. Trust me, I've done that way too many times before. You have to remember that clothes don't completely define who you are, but they do play a great part in defining your personal identity. I love having my blog as my style diary, because I can easily follow my style journey/evolution. I'm planning on posting about my style evolution next week, but in the meantime I prepared some quick style tips that will help you define your personal style. 

1. Save pictures of (your own) outfits that you love and use them as an inspiration. For me personally, the best platform for that is Instagram where you can follow people that share the same taste in clothes as you do. I have a separate folder of screenshots on my iPhone full of outfit inspirations, so document your favourite outfits!
2. Experiment. Go to the shops, pick a lot of clothes and try them on. Don't be afraid to try new shapes, styles, colours, etc. to see what fits you best. I always take a bunch of clothes with me to the dressing rooms and if I don't like them I simply return them. Simple as that + it also makes the shopping experience a lot more fun.
3. Keep in mind styles you want to try, how you would like to dress and not what people tell you to wear.
4. Don't blindly follow trends but just keep them as a guide or a starting point. 
5. Think about your personal style. Think about what goes together and what you like.  
6. Again, be confident in your style. 
7. There is no right or wrong when it comes to your personal style because nobody else can define it but you. 
8. As long as you like what you are wearing, that's all that matters. 
9. Style is something that develops through time and experience, so it's not something that is quick and effortless. I now know what looks good on me and I think this comes with time and experience.
10. Fashion is supposed to be fun, so don't take it too seriously. Have fun! 


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