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How to Update Your Autumn Style

9 steps to update your autumn wardrobe featuring Jette Joop's Blue Motion collection / Hofer

While transitioning into the autumn season, we must not forget to update our closets and style as well. Autumn is by far my favourite season, especially when it comes to fashion - coats, oversized jumpers, knits and layering describe me perfectly. Autumn is also the time when students go back to school and need some inspiration for your outfits. That's why I prepared a few outfits, which include my key-pieces for autumn + added some tips to help you update your autumn style. 

1. Turtleneck Sweaters with Chokers. 

Chokers were the biggest trend of the S/S 2016 and they'll continue into the autumn as well. As you all know by now my style is very minimalistic and that's why I always like to put a special effort into details. I decided to put a little spin on the choker trend with a simple grey turtleneck sweater from the upcoming Blue Motion collection by Jette Joop (available from 26th of September) and a silver choker from Zara to bring some attention to the neck detail of the sweater.

2. Wide Leg Trousers and Trainers. 

I absolutely love to wear wide leg trousers because they make you appear thinner and higher which I know every woman can appreciate. You can pair them with high heels for a more chic and sophisticated look or with trainers for a more toned down, casual look. For this outfit I combined my two favourite trends - sophisticated black trousers from Zara and Superstar Adidas Trainers, which together make for a really casual and relaxed look.

3. Backpacks and Bucket Bags. 

When it comes to bags I'm still obsessed with faux leather backpacks and bucket bags, because of their versatility (you can wear them with pretty much every outfit you want) and size - they are just the right size to carry everything you need for the whole day. They are a great option for school, work, going shopping or simply walking around the city centre (bags featured in this outfit are from the Jette Joop's Blue Motion collection). 


4. Ankle Boots. 

Ankle boots come back every single autumn (and winter) because they're comfortable and extremely versatile: they are, in my opinion, the perfect autumn shoe. I wear a classic pair of ankle boots with literally everything - from jeans, long or midi dresses, skirts, etc. They also look good in a combination with an oversized or trench coat (boots are available in the Jette Joop collection for Hofer).

5. Shiny Bomber. 

Another S/S 2016 trend transitioning into autumn: a bomber jacket now in a reinvented, shiny form. It's such a versatile wardrobe piece that can edge up any outfit - you can wear it with jeans and a t-shirt or a classic black shirt and wide leg trousers. It will always look stylish, no matter what.

6. Scarves. 

When you think about autumn style, scarves are of course the first thing that pops into your head. They keep you warm and are a great layering piece, which will elevate any basic outfit. I personally love to wear black or grey scarfs (mine are from the aforementioned Blue Motion collection) because they simply go with everything, but if you want to spice up your outfit go for a printed/colourful scarf.

7. Knitted Sweaters. 

Just like turtleneck sweaters, knitted sweaters are the most essential part of the autumn/winter wardrobe. My favourite look (featuring a knitted sweater) includes a crisp white shirt, jeans and mules or ankle boots. It's the perfect "smart outfit" for school or work (the sweater is from the Jette Joop's Blue Motion collection).


8. Cropped Jeans with Frayed Hem and Mules.

Here's another great transition of a summer trend into the autumn style - jeans with frayed hem, which I love to wear with heeled mules to, again, enhance the details on the hem. I'm also loving the relaxed fit of the jeans at the moment, which add a more casual element to the outfit (mules are from Humanic, shirt+jeans from Zara and watch from Daniel Wellington). 

9. Trench Coat. 

Another must have autumn piece is a trench coat (this particular one is from Mango). It's the perfect transition piece - very useful for the autumnal rain and temperature, when it's still too warm to wear heavier coats, yet too cold for a lightweight jacket. This year's trendiest colour is definitely khaki, which looks good on every skin tone and hair colour.

Thanks to Hofer for sharing this exclusive preview of their new Blue Motion Collection with Blush blog readers!


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Let's Catch up

When things go right for once, at least for me.

I guess things have turned around for once. I have finished my school year on a high, with all the grades just how I wanted them to be. When I was done with all my school obligations I took a few days off and went to a spa to clear my mind and relax. After my two days off I quickly got back to work. Since then I've been working like crazy, even the weekends, which I don't mind at all, because I like to keep myself busy at all times. Don't you? 
I also started loving blogging again. I was in a bit of a " blogging funk" for a few weeks or so, but after my latest post and the response it received, I was really excited to go on and write more posts for you. So thank you and in case you missed, go check it out (it's called On the Go)! 
Now let's move on the most exciting purchase. After a few months of research I finally treated myself to a new MacbookPro, which was a very big investment, not gonna lie, but definitely worth every single penny. I justified it as a necessary purchase. Now I can easily do all my school work and blogging without the computer crashing literally every two minutes (if you would like to see more of the behind the scenes then definitely follow me on Instagram and Insta-Stories). 
And at last: every cloud has a silver lining. Why would I write something "so deep" you wonder? Well, let me explain. I lost my favourite Daniel Wellington watch on my way to the mall about two weeks ago. I was of course extremely angry at myself for being so careless and I kinda accepted the fact that I'll never see it again. But after two very long weeks my long lost DW watch was found thanks to someone extremely nice and fair enough to return it to the counter of the mall. People keep surprising me, but this time it was in the best way possible. I will never know who that nice person was, but I will be forever grateful. I definitely learned my lesson! 


Zara Dress
H&M Sandals 
DIY Choker 

Thank you Klemen for the photos!

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On the Go

Channeling my inner fashion magazine editor.

Today's outfit of the day was created with busy women in mind, who live their lives constanly on the go. Not just for businesswomen but also for us students, who simply don't have a lot of time to get ready in the morning. Who wants to get out of bed in the morning, when you can get a bit more sleep? Am I right? That's why I prepared a simple, minimalistic outfit that will always make you look put together in just a few short minutes. Here's how to master your morning routine: I paired my favourite trend of the past few months, striped wide leg trousers with black strappy heels because I like to balance the wideness of the trousers with some added height (this will make you look a lot slimmer and of course higher). Because I like to mostly wear my hair behind the ears I opted for embellished earrings to add an interesting aspect to the outfit. Accessories will elevate any simple look, especially if they're embellished, so bare that in mind! I finished everything off with a basic white tee for a more casual, but still smart-looking outfit. 
A quick tip: I always like to slightly roll up the sleeves when wearing wide leg trousers to create the right proportions throughout. 
This outfit was so fun to shoot and is definitely one of my favourites! I call it my "going to the office, where I work as a fashion magazine editor" look. Well at least I can dream about that, right... 



Topshop T-Shirt
Zara Wide leg Trousers
Swarovski Earrings 
Bershka Strappy Heels 


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How I edit my Instagram photos?

Let's play a quick game. Raise your hand, if you're still completely obsessed with Instagram and use it every day. I bet you all raised your hands, didn't you? Even though Instagram was released back in 2010, it's still one of the most used apps (besides Snapchat, but with recent updates Instagram has made, I "know" that it will also take Snapchat's place). 
Instagram is by far my favourite app. There's not a day that goes by that I don't scroll through my feed or post a photo. This might be a bit obsessive, I guess, but if you're more of a visual person like I am, you know that you seriously need that boost of creativity every single day. 
So now it's time to spill some of my Instagram secrets to you. Yes, I know you've been all waiting for it (at least I hope so) and that's why you clicked on this post. But to set the record straight: It's not actually that big of a secret, but rather a simple and quick process of editing. I actually don't use too many filters or options to edit the photos + I only use the Instagram app itself. 
And here's how I do it ... 

What I use? 
I mainly use my phone (I currently own an iPhone 6) and the Instagram app to edit my pictures. If I need to promote my blog posts, which happens from time to time, I will take the photos with my Canon EOS 650d and later edit them in the app. But to be completely honest, I definitely prefer to take the pictures with my phone because it just feels more personal, unscripted and authentic. 

Tips for photo editing 
I personally hate filters, because I feel like they completely ruin photos. However, if I do use one, I only opt for Ludwig (this filter is every pale girl's dream!). I then move onto the edit section where I add a bit of brightness and contrast (but never more than 20, remember that!), then I add structure and sharpness, and at last remove some highlights and shadows. And that is pretty much it: simple and quick. 

Apps I recommend 
Even though I like to only use Instagram to edit my photos (as I've mentioned before), here are some  apps that you may find useful when editing your photos and videos: 
  1. VSCO Cam
  2. Snapseed
  3. Squaready
  4. Hyperlapse 
  5. Whitagram 
  6. Boomerang 
  7. Afterlight 
  8. Font Candy 
And that's it. I hope you enjoyed this post and you'll come back sometime soon! If you want to follow me on Instagram click here

Photos by Epopteia Photography (above)

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