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Let's Catch up

When things go right for once, at least for me.

I guess things have turned around for once. I have finished my school year on a high, with all the grades just how I wanted them to be. When I was done with all my school obligations I took a few days off and went to a spa to clear my mind and relax. After my two days off I quickly got back to work. Since then I've been working like crazy, even the weekends, which I don't mind at all, because I like to keep myself busy at all times. Don't you? 
I also started loving blogging again. I was in a bit of a " blogging funk" for a few weeks or so, but after my latest post and the response it received, I was really excited to go on and write more posts for you. So thank you and in case you missed, go check it out (it's called On the Go)! 
Now let's move on the most exciting purchase. After a few months of research I finally treated myself to a new MacbookPro, which was a very big investment, not gonna lie, but definitely worth every single penny. I justified it as a necessary purchase. Now I can easily do all my school work and blogging without the computer crashing literally every two minutes (if you would like to see more of the behind the scenes then definitely follow me on Instagram and Insta-Stories). 
And at last: every cloud has a silver lining. Why would I write something "so deep" you wonder? Well, let me explain. I lost my favourite Daniel Wellington watch on my way to the mall about two weeks ago. I was of course extremely angry at myself for being so careless and I kinda accepted the fact that I'll never see it again. But after two very long weeks my long lost DW watch was found thanks to someone extremely nice and fair enough to return it to the counter of the mall. People keep surprising me, but this time it was in the best way possible. I will never know who that nice person was, but I will be forever grateful. I definitely learned my lesson! 


Zara Dress
H&M Sandals 
DIY Choker 

Thank you Klemen for the photos!

6 komentarjev

  1. Lovely look :)

  2. Čestitke za uspehe, mega za prijazno izkušnjo in poštenost ter čarobnost tebe, Zare in Botaničnega vrta :)

  3. Wonderful dress, I have a similar one and I love it. ;-)
    Wish you a nice week...

  4. Have a nice Sunday...
    New outfit is online


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