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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana / Day 3

The final day of MBFWLJ. 

Yesterday was the third and final day of runway shows at Mercdes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana, which were presented in two parts. The first part of the evening was reserved for Tanja Zorn, Vlado Savić and IVANMAN, which was followed by a panel about fashion film in advertising. The second part of the shows was reserved for the following designers: SUSNYARA, Cliché and SENS.

FIRST PART: Tanja Zorn, Vlada Savić, IVANMAN 

The first part of the shows really stood out to me - they were all very impressive, innovative and enjoyable to watch. I couldn't pick a favourite of the three mentioned designers because they all presented great collections. 
Tanja Zorn has been a well known Slovene fashion designer since 1995. She describes herself as an intuitive designer, who puts rationality forward only when deciding on the structure of the whole collection and other functional details. She loves the beauty of imperfections and timeless elegance. Her inspirations come from history and heritage, which she reinterprets and redesigns in a more modern way. Last night she presented her newest collection, titled NIGHT, which is a continuation of her last collection - Dragonfly. She describes it as a collection filled with pauses, gazes, slow rhythm, deep senses... I really loved her entire collection and I couldn't pick just one favourite item. The same goes for Vlada Savić and IVANMAN.
Vlada Savić is known for his minimalistic concept of designing, sharp lines, feminine materials and colours. In his spring/summer 2017 collection you can see a variety of geometric forms and strong, yet still feminine lines. Colours, which change from pastel to completely black&white, are the main element of the collection and add a nice touch to the overall minimalistic designs.
IVANMAN is a brand, established in 2010 by Ivan Mandžukić, with the main aim to create a combination of classic and avant-garde fashion pieces for men. He interprets fashion as a social occurrence, which he analyses with deconstruction, studies its separate pieces and puts them back together. His collections, in spite of the materials, vivid colours and forms, follow the focus of minimalism, clean lines and wearability.


SUSNYARA is a well-established fashion brand by Nina Šušnjara. She found the main inspiration for her latest collection in fashion of the 70s. Her collection is about a woman who is the perfect mixture of femininity and male energy. She is determined, seductive, unique and relaxed, but also very happy that she has another world, where she is different - rebellious, stubborn and mysteries. In that world she is called Incognito.
CLICHÉ, fashion brand by Jelena Pirkmajer, presented her collection made of "smart" materials in combination with traditional silk and viscose. It's a very feminine collection, where lightness and romanticism intersect with dynamic, urban, sporty look. The main colours of the collection were electric blue and fresh green with accents of red. Silk dresses with hoodies and elasticated dresses with attached scarfs are the key pieces for this fashion season. 
SENS is a brand whose main focus is to support fair trade and good human relationships. Slate Zavašnik presented a collection, where she questions the basic rules of men's clothing - she believes that with setting different trends and rules of clothing you limit men and their creativity. With her newest collection she researches these rules as well as disobeys them, yet she always stays in the context of elegance. She presented different takes on a classic man's suit and because of that she was my favourite designer of the second part of the shows.


My third and final outfit was focused around the oversized structured jumpsuit with frill sleeves, which I purchased from the Asos White collection. Because I felt like the jumpsuit itself was quite a statement piece, I only added some rose gold heels from Public Desire (again with the metallic footwear trend that I've mentioned in my two previous posts) and a MKS red tassel choker for a pop of colour. I also cut my hair, which was another spur-of-the-moment decision, but thank god I did it - I definitely prefer it this way! Lesson learned this fashion week season: spur-of-the-moment decisions are the best ones!

I absolutely loved all my outfits for this year's MBFWLJ (which sounds a bit vain, I know) and I'm really happy with the whole experience in general. There were some problematic things, which I will mention in my next post, which will be a quick recap of the October's edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Ljubljana, where I'll also add my favourite Insta-stories and photos from the runway and backstage.


Asos White Structured Jumpsuit with Frill Sleeve 
Public Desire Rose Gold Heels 
MKS Red Tassel Choker 


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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week / Day 2

The first day of shows. 

Yesterday was Day 2 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana and the first day of runway shows, which were presented in two parts. The first part of the evening was reserved for MEHLE, Natasa Persuh and D'Alpaos; and the second part for AKULTURA, Dajana Ljubičić and Sofia Nogard. 

FIRST PART:  MEHLE, Natasa Persuh and D'Alpaos

MEHLE opened the shows of day 2. Maja Mehle and Miha Fabio Kalan presented a collection full of functional silhouettes, clean lines and designs that express confidence and desire for unconventional way of dressing. My favourite pieces from the collection were the coats and a gorgeous long velvet dress. 
Natasa Persuh presented an almost all black collection, with gorgeous detailed sleeves and structured clothing. Her collection felt the most timeless out of them all. She found her main inspiration for the collection in street-style, current cultural and artistic events, movies and history. Collection was the perfect option for a woman that is constantly on-the-go. I have to say I loved all the pieces in the collection presented - especially the combination of socks and heels, which the designer also loves to wear herself. 
D'Alpaos was my favourite designer of the first part. Italian designer, who started with designing unisex pieces and experimenting with forms and materials. I had the opportunity to speak with him a few words about his newest collection backstage. He said that he mostly designs black pieces and with this collection, he wanted to emphasise different pops of colours, not only in his designs, but with visuals and makeup as well. The inspiration for the black pieces came from the current state of affairs in Europe, from political issues to terrorist attacks. With a variety of colours, which occurred from time to time, he wanted to bring out a brighter part - a change of mindset and a different way of perceiving the events in Europe.

SECOND PART: AKULTURA, Dajana Ljubičić and Sofia Nogard 

The second part of the evening started with AKULTURA. Alenka Globočnik Fabjan is a desginer who always searches for new ways of wearing clothes with a touch of avant-garde - her line is known for asymmetrical and clean lines. Her main focus with this collection was to bring out the absolute femininity. She found her inspiration in the social subcultures and she experimented with the idea of soft transparency of materials and contrasting metal accessories, to show the combination of power and sensuality. I also loved the hats that models were wearing throughout the show because they completed the story and connected the looks together perfectly.
Dajana Ljubičić deisgns for a free, confident and dynamic woman. She is one of those designers that doesn't let the form define her work process and is known for her minimalistic approach. She found the inspiration for her MBFWLJ collection in different emotions and other contributing factors.
Sofia Nogard's collection was titled Saturday morning. Mija Curk and Boštjan Mljač later explained that they invisoned a woman dressed in her man's clothes, on a sleepy, foggy saturday morning - the best way to describe their unisex collection. It was a mixture of street style and high fashion, filled with different, very sophisticated shades of silver. Their clothes represent two different complex personalities: man/woman who are best friends or enemies, mother or father, daughter or son, idols or rebels; they are unique in their complexity. Designers used the inspiration of Slovene culture and tradition and reinterpreted it in a modern way, through the usage of new materials, forms, colour combinations and silhouettes. With strong, almost futuristic pieces in the collection, they presented a juxtaposition to the tittle, Saturday morning. They were definitely my favourite designers from the second part of shows. 


This outfit is very dear to my heart. It is actually my aunt's wedding dress (from 1980), so it was exactly 36 years ago that she wore this beautiful dress on one of the most important days of her life. I was really thankful that she lent me her dress - I love wearing and representing pieces that carry a story (the same reason I wore my kimono on last year's MBFWLJ). This dress really reminds me of the late 70s, which is of course a very popular trend at the moment. I paired the dress with Truffle high block heel sandals, which you can purchase from Asos. They looked great on, but to be honest, they were killing my feet by the end of the night. I also added some gold rings, Mango clutch and MKS choker, which I wore as a bracelet.
So this is my outfit for day 2 of fashion week and thanks again to my aunt, for lending me her gorgeous dress and making day 2 of MBFWLJ even more special! 

Today is the day 3 of MBFWLJ, the last day. Can't wait to see the shows! 


Vintage White Wedding Dress 
Truffle Gold Heels 
Mango Clutch
H&M rings 
MKS bracelet 



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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana / Day 1

The opening day. 

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has officially started here in Ljubljana. Yesterday was the opening day of the October's edition of MBFWLJ, which was focused around three main events: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Award (MBFA), photography exhibition and a fashion performance. 


Fashion week started off with the announcement of the winner of MBFA (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Award), who will have the opportunity to show their own collection at the next (spring edition) fashion week. Last year's winner was Sara Valenci, which I presented in my latest post, and this year the judges decided to give the main award, MBFA, to Kaja Julija Hrovat. Other winners also include Cilka Sadar, Barbara Vrbančič and David Bacali. 

Fashion photography through the generations 

We continued with the opening of the photography exhibition by Fulvio Grisoni, Sašo Hessa and Peter Giodani, titled Fashion Photography through the generations. It was nice to see a special recognition of the photographers for a change (and not focusing just on fashion designers), at such an important event that is fashion week. 

Fashion performance

The main event of the opening night was a fashion performance by the house of Gattinoni, extremely successful and established Italian brand, which celebrated 70 years of working in the fashion industry."In 1946 Madame Fernanda Gattinoni's dream of opening her own atelier in the capital came to pass, and the atelier immediately attracted film stars. Some of the world’s most beautiful and successful women have worn their amazing pieces: Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardner, Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon and many more. An endless production line of dream, haute couture clothes: bustiers, tapered waistlines, flared skirts, and empire silhouette dresses. Fernanda Gattinoni was a woman of another time; and one awarded numerous prizes both in Italy and abroad for her tireless efforts during her long career in the field of fashion and society." (as written on their official website) 

Outfit: Day 1 

For the opening night I decided to wear an all black outfit, which was focused around two amazing, talented Slovene designers: Marigone Gashi and Janja Videc. This gorgeous black coat from Marigone Gashi was made out of recycled sweaters. It gave the outfit an interesting texture + it kept me warm all night long. I absolutely adore this coat - I mean who wouldn't, right? You feel like a true diva when you're wearing it. Marigone is one of my favourite young, up-and-coming designers. She is a really down-to-earth and talented designer, which everyone can appreciate. If you would like to see more click here. 
Minimalistic necklace from Janja Videc was the perfect choice for this outfit, because it gave it another interesting aspect. I decided to wear a spaghetti straps top so that the focus was only on this beautiful necklace. Janja Videc is one of my favourite Slovene designers and I was really honoured to wear a piece from her collection. She truly is everything that her minimalistic line embodies. If you haven't heard of her (which I doubt), you can read/see more about it here
I finished the look off with silver shoes from Bronx - metallic footwear is one of my favourite trends for F/W 2016, which you'll see in my day 2 and 3 outfit. 

I am really excited that fashion week has finally started and I can't wait to see what's in store for us today, Day 2! 


Pimkie Top 
Zara Wide Leg Pants 
Janja Videc Necklace 
Bronx Silver Shoes 


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Napovednik / Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana

Oktobrska edicija Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week-a Ljubljana se s programskimi, vsebinskimi in tehnološkimi novostmi med 22. in 24. oktobrom vrača v Cankarjev dom. Jesensko edicijo tedna mode lahko spremljate na Facebook strani MBFWLJ, kjer bo na voljo brezplačen ogled žive slike z modnih revij v 360 stopinjski tehniki.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Award 

MBFWLJ bo v osrednji slovenski kulturni ustanovi podelil prestižno nagrado Mercedes-Benz Fashion Award. Žirija je izbrala deset finalnih del, eden izmed oblikovalcev pa bo prejel omenjeno prestižno mednarodno nagrado. Lani oktobra je nagrado prejela Sara Valenci, ki se je na majski ediciji omenjenega tedna mode predstavila s samostojno modno revijo. 

foto: Jani Ugrin 

Fotografska razstava: Modna fotografija skozi generacije 

Uradni otvoritvi bo sledila fotografska razstava treh mojstrov modne fotografije: Fulvia Grisonija, Saše Hessa in Petra Giodanija.

Modni performans hiše Gattinoni 

Mednarodna zvezda tokratne otvoritve bo modni performans hiše Gattinoni, ki je po vzponu v modna nebesa leta 2009 tudi uradno postala del italijanske kulturne dediščine. Kreacije italijanske hiše visoke mode Gattinoni, na katere prisega tudi ameriška zvezdnica Beyoncé, bodo kot vrhunec otvoritve tretje edicije #MBFWLJ predstavljene v obliki modnega performansa. Otvoritve se bodo udeležile številne medijske osebnosti, saj v Cankarjev dom prihaja največji modni in družabni dogodek v Sloveniji.

 vir: MBFWLJ


Modne revije bodo sledile v nedeljo in ponedeljek. Ustvarjalna ekipa na oktobrski ediciji napoveduje izbor avantgardnih, progresivnih in klasičnih modnih oblikovalcev: AKULTURA, Cliché, Dajana Ljubičič, D'Alpaos, IVANMAN, MÊHLÊ, Natasa Persuh, SENS, Sofia Nogard, Susnyara, Tanja Zorn, Vlada Savić.

Okrogla miza: Modni film v oglaševanju 

V ponedeljek bo Aljoša Bagola, izvršni direktor agencije Pristop, gostil okroglo mizo z naslovom Modni film v oglaševanju, z dvema izjemnima sogovornikoma: Branimirjem Brkljačem in Davorjem Bruketo. Tokratni nosilec spremljevalnega programa – Wolfova 5 v sklopu oktobrske edicije MBFWLJ predstavlja nadarjeno študentko oblikovanja Izadoro Verlič in njeno kolekcijo Stranger to Stranger.


Medtem ko čakamo na uradni začetek jesenskega tedna mode, sem za vas pripravila kratek pregled vseh mojih outfitov in nekaj utrinkov z zadnjega, spomladanskega tedna mode (vse podrobnosti o outfitih s spomladanskega tedna mode lahko najdete na povezavah pod kolažem)! 
Ta vikend nas vsekakor čaka izredno zanimiv modni program, ki nam bo zopet prinesel nove modne trende. Predstavila vam bom tudi mlado slovensko oblikovalko Marigone Gashi, ki je za jesensko edicijo MBFWLJ pripravila čudovite kose. Komaj čakam, da vam jih podrobneje predstavim! 

Sledite #MBFWLJ na družbenih omrežjih FacebookInstagramTwitter.
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My Favourite Affordable Makeup Brushes

After a few style and lifestyle posts, let's get back to beauty. 

When it comes to my favourite affordable makeup brushes I trust three brands, which I know will do their job at any place, any time: ZOEVA, Kiko and Real Techniques. In my opinion these three brands offer the best quality brushes for the retail price: the bristles are very fine and soft, really easy to use and seamlessly blend the makeup. The most affordable out of them all are the Kiko brushes, which do feel a bit more scratchy than Zoeva or RT, but they're still great quality considering the price. Zoeva and RT are very comparable in my opinion -  I prefer to buy the RT brushes because they're easier to get a hold of in Slovenia, but they are both in the same quality category. If you do, however, have a bit bigger budget to spend, I would definitely recommend you to splurge on the Zoeva brush sets (they slightly remind me of the Hakuhodo brushes, which is of course an added bonus), because they offer the best selection of brushes. The prices vary from 75 to 125 eur, or 200 for the entire set. This will be quite a big investment in the beginning, but they will definitely serve you well and last a very long time.

Here are all the affordable brushes I own and would personally recommend:
ZOEVA: 109 Contouring brush, 227 Soft Definer Brush, 125 Stippling brush
Kiko: Eyes 207, Eyes 202, Eyes 200, Face 108
Real Techniques: Expert Face brush, Foundation brush, Blush brush

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Black Midi Dress

Let me introduce you to my perfect midi dress. 

Main feature of this "ootd post" is the perfect midi dress I found in Topshop; it's one of my favourite pieces for the autumn and winter time. This was one of those random purchases, when you go to the shops with a clear vision and a check-list of clothes you need to buy, but end up with bags filled with completely different styles and pieces. We've all been there, haven't we? This time I'm actually really glad that I've found it. 
Midi dresses make your figure look amazing: they hug you in all the right places, are the perfect length (they hit just below the knees), very stretchy, and most importantly - really comfortable to wear. In spring/summer time I like to pair midi dresses with sandals, like in today's outfit, and in autumn/winter time I like to put over an oversized coat and add a pair of trainers. And if I have a special occasion to attend I simply put on some heels and voila: another perfect outfit. 
It's the best year round dress in my opinion - I feel like you can get away with wearing a midi barelegged this time of the year as well. I personally hate wearing stockings because they ruin the entire outfit for me, so I feel like a midi length is the perfect one to choose, if you don't want to feel too cold. It's my fall necessity and definitely the most versatile dress I own!


Topshop Midi dress
Vintage Choker
H&M Sandals and Earrings 
Pajk Hat

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