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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana / Day 3

The final day of MBFWLJ. 

Yesterday was the third and final day of runway shows at Mercdes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana, which were presented in two parts. The first part of the evening was reserved for Tanja Zorn, Vlado Savić and IVANMAN, which was followed by a panel about fashion film in advertising. The second part of the shows was reserved for the following designers: SUSNYARA, Cliché and SENS.

FIRST PART: Tanja Zorn, Vlada Savić, IVANMAN 

The first part of the shows really stood out to me - they were all very impressive, innovative and enjoyable to watch. I couldn't pick a favourite of the three mentioned designers because they all presented great collections. 
Tanja Zorn has been a well known Slovene fashion designer since 1995. She describes herself as an intuitive designer, who puts rationality forward only when deciding on the structure of the whole collection and other functional details. She loves the beauty of imperfections and timeless elegance. Her inspirations come from history and heritage, which she reinterprets and redesigns in a more modern way. Last night she presented her newest collection, titled NIGHT, which is a continuation of her last collection - Dragonfly. She describes it as a collection filled with pauses, gazes, slow rhythm, deep senses... I really loved her entire collection and I couldn't pick just one favourite item. The same goes for Vlada Savić and IVANMAN.
Vlada Savić is known for his minimalistic concept of designing, sharp lines, feminine materials and colours. In his spring/summer 2017 collection you can see a variety of geometric forms and strong, yet still feminine lines. Colours, which change from pastel to completely black&white, are the main element of the collection and add a nice touch to the overall minimalistic designs.
IVANMAN is a brand, established in 2010 by Ivan Mandžukić, with the main aim to create a combination of classic and avant-garde fashion pieces for men. He interprets fashion as a social occurrence, which he analyses with deconstruction, studies its separate pieces and puts them back together. His collections, in spite of the materials, vivid colours and forms, follow the focus of minimalism, clean lines and wearability.


SUSNYARA is a well-established fashion brand by Nina Šušnjara. She found the main inspiration for her latest collection in fashion of the 70s. Her collection is about a woman who is the perfect mixture of femininity and male energy. She is determined, seductive, unique and relaxed, but also very happy that she has another world, where she is different - rebellious, stubborn and mysteries. In that world she is called Incognito.
CLICHÉ, fashion brand by Jelena Pirkmajer, presented her collection made of "smart" materials in combination with traditional silk and viscose. It's a very feminine collection, where lightness and romanticism intersect with dynamic, urban, sporty look. The main colours of the collection were electric blue and fresh green with accents of red. Silk dresses with hoodies and elasticated dresses with attached scarfs are the key pieces for this fashion season. 
SENS is a brand whose main focus is to support fair trade and good human relationships. Slate Zavašnik presented a collection, where she questions the basic rules of men's clothing - she believes that with setting different trends and rules of clothing you limit men and their creativity. With her newest collection she researches these rules as well as disobeys them, yet she always stays in the context of elegance. She presented different takes on a classic man's suit and because of that she was my favourite designer of the second part of the shows.


My third and final outfit was focused around the oversized structured jumpsuit with frill sleeves, which I purchased from the Asos White collection. Because I felt like the jumpsuit itself was quite a statement piece, I only added some rose gold heels from Public Desire (again with the metallic footwear trend that I've mentioned in my two previous posts) and a MKS red tassel choker for a pop of colour. I also cut my hair, which was another spur-of-the-moment decision, but thank god I did it - I definitely prefer it this way! Lesson learned this fashion week season: spur-of-the-moment decisions are the best ones!

I absolutely loved all my outfits for this year's MBFWLJ (which sounds a bit vain, I know) and I'm really happy with the whole experience in general. There were some problematic things, which I will mention in my next post, which will be a quick recap of the October's edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Ljubljana, where I'll also add my favourite Insta-stories and photos from the runway and backstage.


Asos White Structured Jumpsuit with Frill Sleeve 
Public Desire Rose Gold Heels 
MKS Red Tassel Choker 


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